23 Oct 2014

It's MySingleFriend's 10th birthday!

Category: Events
Author: Michaela
Happy birthday to us!

Over the years we’ve had some amazing feedback and we love hearing from happy couples – now that we’re celebrating our birthday we’d like to take the chance to thank everyone who has been a part of the brand over the years!

We’re calling all MSFers  - so  if you or anyone you know has met their husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/bestfriend on MySingleFriend then send them our way because we’d like to invite them to come celebrate our 10th birthday with us...

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21 Oct 2014

An interview with DatingAdvice.com

Category: Feedback
Author: Danielle
We don't want you to just take our word for how good MSF is, so we were chuffed when DatingAdvice.com chose to feature us recently on their site.

We did a little interview with them and of course provided a few words of wisdom from our founder Sarah Beeny herself.

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20 Oct 2014

Profile of the Week: Alan

Category: MSFers
Author: Michaela
Happy Monday MSFers!

We try to look for something different as we browse through our lovely pool of MSFers every week and today Alan’s profile caught our eye purely because it made us chuckle...so why not read on and see if it can do the same for you? 

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17 Oct 2014

Success Story: Laura & Mike

Category: Success Stories
Author: Michaela
Happy Friday all!
We received a lovely message from two former MSF’ers who met on the site back in 2010, they got in touch to tell us they had got married earlier this year and were now on their honeymoon in Bali! Very jealous considering the rainy weather in the UK this week, we wish we could’ve come too!

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15 Oct 2014

5 photo mistakes that are losing you dates

Category: Guest blogs
Author: Michaela
People are very visual creatures and gather information, clues and messages mostly from what they see rather than what they read or hear.  In person, over 55% of communication is through body language i.e. what people are seeing rather than the words they are hearing (7%) and the tone it’s said in (38%), so it makes sense that photos are also giving out lots of clues and information.
With this in mind, it might be time to do a quick audit of the photos you’re using on your dating profile and check what your photos are saying about you. To make it easy for you, here’s a list of the top 5 mistakes that could be losing you great dates.

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