Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you can't find what you're looking for we're here to help - just email

I’ve forgotten my login details

Click here to reset or look to the bottom of each page in the footer. 

I’m having problems registering

If the website isn’t doing what you expect it to do please do let us know, by emailing us at

I’m having problems getting my friend to describe me

Has your friend not received their registration email? Maybe you need to ask a different friend? Email us at - please make sure you list relevant registration information to help us respond as quickly as possible.

Do I have to join MySingleFriend to speak to members/can I hide my profile?

Our 'open policy' means there's no way of hiding any profiles on our site but you can remove it at any time. You will have to join MySingleFriend to speak to any members. It's only fair that everyone has to go through the same security process - take a look at the normal, gorgeous people who have already taken that step, and remember; you're in it with a friend! 

Please note our Terms & Conditions state that full real names and email addresses must be used for the single and for the friend (all surnames and email addresses are hidden!)

Can more than one friend describe me?

You can only ask one person to describe you, however that person can use several quotes from other friends, or family, when spilling the beans. 

How are the search results ordered/why can't I see who is paying and who is not?

Although we do not show when a user last logged in (we tried that function and it was most unpopular!), search results are in fact ordered by 'last logged in'. It's worth bearing in mind that MySingleFriend is a very active community, so even the person on the last page of results may have logged in within the last few hours. 

We do not highlight profiles that are not paying (or in between payments), because all users on MySingleFriend want to receive a message - that's why they are here!

What is the difference between a free and a paying member?

FREE (a 'limited profile' member) 

You won't be able to send messages to other singles however you'll be able to see who has sent you a message and if you upgrade to a paying member, you will be able to read it and reply.

You can search for singles, tailor that search and make notes, bookmark and favourite those you like the look of and your friends can recommend people to you. You can also see who has viewed your profile. Your profile is live and online just like a regular paying profile, as we don't differentiate between the two.

All members have the ability to change their email notifications and frequency, depending on how often you want to be notified about a new message, new favourite, and new members that have joined etc.

PAYING (becoming a 'subscribing' user) 

You can send and receive mail, prepare and save draft emails as well as block messages. You get access to all the features mentioned above. Our prices currently are:

£28 for 1 month
£55 for 3 months (£18.33 per month)
£79 for 6 months (£13.17 per month)

Is online dating safe?

Any time you go out and meet strangers in a bar, restaurant or pub etc. you will naturally be aware that you need to be mindful of your safety. Meeting someone from MySingleFriend is no different, however, an introduction to someone through this site does give you the opportunity to anonymously message or talk to someone before meeting them, ask any questions you may have, and plan a date safely… so yes, dating online can offer you a safer option. 

The message system at this site is an anonymous and safe place to chat. No-one will know your real email address or personal details as long as you have made sure they are not featured in your profile, and you are careful not to publish them in a message to someone. 

You are responsible for your own safety, so please look through our advice on 'dating safety' when considering and planning your date - and please feel free to ask our advice at any time.

What do MySingleFriend do with my personal details?

We do not pass your email address or any other details about you to anyone else (we hate spam, and don't want to contribute to it!)

Your personal details are kept confidential on our secure database, and your profile will not appear online after you cancel it (please read our Privacy Policy for in-depth details). Only our team have access to your full profile details, and we only look at those details when administrating your profile, or responding to your queries. 

No-one at MySingleFriend has access to your bank details as we do not store such information.

What shall I write about my friend?

Make sure it's true, and remember it's supposed to be fun! Experience shows us that funny, quirky or unusual profiles get the most attention, so try and make your friend stand out. A funny story, poem or a collection of comments from different friends can be enlightening, as can just a few well chosen words. If you are stuck, you may want to tell us about your friends':

  • Particular or important interests
  • Charming idiosyncrasies
  • Favourite films, books or music
  • Ideal partner/worst possible partner
  • Peculiar habits
  • Pet-hates
  • Situation (for example a 35 year old mum may not be looking for an 18year old clubbing student! So make it clear what type of person may find them irresistible)

Don't forget your friend will approve what you have written, they can add a comment and change any photo you have uploaded (if you don't have a photo simply leave the photo space empty and your single friend can upload a photo later).

Are my bank details safe?

YES. Your payment details are taken through a secure server. We don't authorise your payment details, this is done via a secure connection by way of our payment provider to Barclays Bank using the latest encryption technology available. 

No-one at MySingleFriend has access to your bank details as we do not store such information.

How does the charging work/will you automatically re-bill me?

We only take payment when we approve a profile (when it 'goes live') so that you have your full messaging time.

During registration we ask your bank for a 'pre-authorisation' that may appear on your bank statement, please note that is NOT an actual transfer of money. You may see two items (both the pre-authorisation, and the actual transfer) show on your statement.

If you subscribe to you will automatically be re-billed at the end of your payment period (according to the payment option you opted for). 

However, if you purchased a 'one-off' gift for a friend, or have cancelled your subscription before your renewal date you will not be re-billed.
Should you cancel your subscription at any time before your renewal date you will be entitled to any 'paying time' left over. After that time your profile will revert to being a Free Profile. You then have the option to upgrade again.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting My Profile & Settings and then clicking Payments & Subscriptions.

I wish to cancel, will I receive a refund?

You are able to view some MySingleFriend users before deciding to register and you are also able to try the site for free before deciding to pay. This allows you to make a considered choice in advance of upgrading to a full membership.

Refunds are only provided if we are contacted within seven days of a payment being made and subscriber services not being used. For the avoidance of doubt, subscriber services include both reading and sending messages. Refunds will incur a £3 administration fee. 

How long will it take you to approve my profile?

We generally approve profiles daily 7 days a week, but in some instances it can take longer than this to get online.

Please note that picture and profile approval do not necessarily coincide, this means a profile may go live while awaiting photo approval.

I don't seem to be able to upload my photo

Your photo needs to be a gif, jpg, jpeg or png. If you are having problems uploading your photo, it could be that the format isn't compatible or, most commonly, that the file size is too big.  If you are unable to make the file size smaller do email the photo to us and we will endeavour to help. 

If you have recently described a single friend and now have a photo you wish to add to their account, simply email the image to your pal, who can upload the picture when registering or when logged in.

How do I get in touch with the MySingleFriend team?

There’s a contact link on every page of the website in the footer.