About MySingleFriend

Sarah Beeny

mysinglefriend.com is one of the UK’s most popular dating sites. Created by TV presenter Sarah Beeny, the site delivers a no-nonsense approach to dating as everyone on the site is described by their friends. The site has banished the stigma associated with online dating and innovated a modern approach to finding likeminded people.

Back in 2004 MySingleFriend was born from Sarah Beeny’s love of match-making. A notorious “fixer”, Sarah often wondered if there was an easier way to match-make her friends without terrifying them! She realised that if friends wrote descriptions for a single friend and placed them all on the same site, they could check each other out.

By involving your friend, you’ve not only done the hard bit (letting them know), but you now have someone to use as a virtual wing man, and you can get them to help you out.

In short it’s a social dating site - mysinglefriend.com is a social network of single people all described by their friends. Groups of friends are linked together making it, unlike any other dating website, a community. 

There has always been a focus on impeccable customer services, with every profile hand approved and each email personally responded to, this sets us apart from many other sites we hope that makes joining mysinglefriend an easy decision.

How does it work?

Single or not - you can join in:

  • You can quickly and easily add your single friend, this creates a profile and you will be asked for a description of them. Your friend then has to look over, approve and add comments to the description before it goes live. You can then search the site and help your friend by recommending potential matches to them. Get started by clicking here.
  • If you’re single you can add yourself to mysinglefriend, then ask a friend to describe you, again approving the description and adding comments before it goes live. Your friend can still get involved, suggesting potential matches and helping you through the process should you wish. Get started by clicking here.

Does it work?

We’ve been delighted to read feedback on a daily basis telling us how well we’re doing. A day hardly ever goes by when we don’t hear of someone that’s getting married or expecting children – but  our aim is really to put likeminded people together.  Check out our feedback and success stories and see for yourself.

Our no nonsense approach

Members can be viewed before you join up and you can have a free profile to test the water. The company’s contact details aren’t hidden and emails are replied to on the same working day. There are no hidden costs at all. The site is closely monitored and issues resolved quickly to maintain the overall friendly ambience we have strived so hard to create. 

If you have any queries do email us - admin@mysinglefriend.com