04 Jan 2017

5 ways to give your profile a makeover worthy of 2017

Category: Advice
Author: Karen
So, we all know that 2016 was bleak for all sorts of reasons, and we hope that 2017 shall be an altogether jollier affair. But, whilst we haven't got much control over the wider world, we have got control when it comes to our dating lives and, more specifically, our dating profiles! If your profile is feeling a little bit jaded, a little bit neglected, a little bit 2016, then it's time to give it a fabulous new makeover for the fabulous new year.

Give it an honest critique (or get a friend to do it)

When you look at something often enough, you tend to stop actually seeing it, and that may have happened with your dating profile. Try to look at it with fresh eyes and see which bits are looking a bit tired and need a revamp. Is the information still relevant? Are you still looking for the same things? Even the smallest tweaks can make a big impact. Ask a friend to take a look too, as they might spot things you miss.

Photos, photos, photos

If you change one part of your profile, make it your photos. We tend to become strangely fixated on the same few photos that we think make us look good and therefore incredibly reluctant to change them. However, changing your pictures on a regular basis will actually make your profile more noticeable. Again, get a friend involved, as they will be able to help you choose some pictures with an objective way.

Update your description

If you've been online for a while, your description could probably do with a bit of a spruce. Things change rapidly in life and you may be looking for different things, be doing different things or want to attract different people, and if your profile doesn't reflect this, you won't meet the person you're looking for. Don't be afraid to give it a revamp. 

Be memorable

There are so many dating profiles out there that it's vital that you stand out from the crowd. Don't fall into the trap of writing vague nonsense along the lines of 'I like going out, but I also like staying in' as any potentional date will click away from your profile in an instant. Let people know what you really enjoy and think, and you will have much more success.

Make sure people see it

There's no use in having a great profile if no one ever sees it! Once your profile is fighting fit and ready for 2017, you need to get it out there and that means being really proactive on the site. The more likes and messages you send, the more attention you'll get, so don't be shy about grabbing that gorgeous person's attention!

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