29 Jul 2016

6 signs of a super successful first date

Category: Advice
Author: Karen
Sometimes it can be tricky to know where you stand after a first date. It's a nerve wracking business and all those butterflies in your tummy will make it hard to know if your date was showing signs that there's a spark between you or if the interest they're showing is merely good old-fashioned politeness. However, there are some pretty obvious signals that should penetrate the mind of even the most nervous dater and give you a clue as to whether you should ask for a second date. Here are six to look out for.

It quickly felt easy

Meeting a stranger for the first time is awkward, there's no doubt about it, but it's important to pay attention to how quickly you start to feel comfortable in your date's company. If you fall easily into an easy and fun conversation, then you're off to a good start, even if you're still feeling a touch of nerves. However, if you keep falling into awkward silences or you find yourself struggling for topics of conversation, it's probably a non-starter.

You had things in common

Having some things in common is the bedrock of any successful relationship, so establishing some shared interests or values early is a good indication that things might work out. It doesn't matter if you have opposing views on some things, or your date has some interests that you don't share, but agreeing about a few fundamental things will go a long way.


You went beyond small talk

Undoubtedly the date will start with small talk about jobs, homes and the latest episode of Strictly, but if things get a little deeper than that then you've already made a connection. However, it's important not to confuse 'having a deep conversation' with 'listening to your date whine about their ex', so be aware for needy conversationalists.

Their phone stayed in their pocket

OK, so we're all addicted to our phones and even the most iron willed of us would struggle not to check it at least once during an evening out, but if it mainly stayed out of sight, then you're on to a winner. If your date is texting back and forth or checking Facebook during your date, they're not only lacking in manners but they're also not that interested in you, so, either way, it's best not to see them again.

They refer to your MSF profile

If someone is genuinely interested in you and not just looking for a casual hook up, they will have read your mysinglefriend.com profile carefully and retained some information about you. This also goes for the messages you exchanged online before you met up. Remembering little details shows that they have already invested something in you.

They aren't in a hurry to leave

If your date downs their drink and rushes off immediately, then you can be pretty sure you're never going to see them again. However, if one cup of coffee turns into two, or a quick drinks ends up being dinner, it's a very sure signal that they're having a great time with you and would be keen to see you again.

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