13 Jun 2016

How to find out if there's a future in your relationship

Category: Advice
Author: Karen
The golden rule of the first date is: keep it simple. We strongly recommend that the first date is a quick drink or coffee, rather than a three-course dinner or camping trip to the Gower (yes, some people really do these things!), because you need to be able to leave speedily if the whole thing is obviously falling flat on its face. However, once the first date is done and you've confirmed that there are some exciting tingles the following dates should be a lengthier affairs that will enable you to really start to get to know each other. Whilst a few drinks in a busy bar will take the edge off any lingering nervousness, spending an evening shouting over the noise and getting steadily drunker isn't the best way to find out what makes someone tick. Here are three dating ideas that will give you a better idea of whether you and your date are compatible in the long term.

Go for a picnic

Apart from being actually rather a romantic thing to do, going on a picnic can give you a very good insight into the type of person your date really is. Are they a fastidious type who carefully packs everything into separate Tupperware containers and brings a pack of antibacterial wet wipes for sticky fingers? Or have they made a couple of sandwiches, chucked them in a plastic bag and hoped for the best? Are they an adventurous foodie who has lovingly made several complicated dishes inspired by exotic flavours, or a rather more humdrum type who has brought a bowl of pasta salad and a couple of plastic spoons? Going for a picnic on a second date will be a bit of an eye opener.

Get competitive

A competitive game makes for a perfect second date, especially if you still feel a touch awkward around each other. Doing an activity on a date takes the pressure off a little because it allows you to concentrate on something other than each other, which will help you relax. Games such as bowling, pool or table football are huge amounts of fun and you'll be enjoying yourself so much that you'll forget about feeling shy. Plus, playing a game with your date allows you to see if you're compatible when it comes to competition. If they're a sore loser who throws their toys out of the pram when you thrash them hands down it's probably better to find out now.

Invite them to join in with your favourite hobby

Compatibility is very important in a relationship, as is the ability to compromise, and you can find out you and your date will have the ability to go the distance by inviting them to take part in an activity that youreally enjoy. For example, if you're the type of person who loves to have a couple of drinks, stand up in front of a crowded karaoke bar and warble your way through 'My Heart Will Go On' then you probably want to be with someone who enjoys, or will at least tolerate, this too. There's something very attractive about a person who is prepared to indulge your quirks and enthusiastically throw themselves into a new situation or activity, whether it's karaoke, knitting or watching cat videos on YouTube. 

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