23 Sep 2016

How to keep your profile looking fresh

Category: Advice
Author: Karen

Some people stay on mysinglefriend.com for a long time, and we like that. Whether it takes them a while to meet someone, or they're holding out for exactly the right person, or they're just having a great time going on loads of dates with sexy new folk, it's all good with us; we enjoy a success story but we always champion the single. Now, if you do happen to be on MSF for a longish stretch, it's very important that you update your profile once in a while, otherwise it might start to feel a little out of date and, equally, if you used the site previously and have reactivated your profile it's a very good idea to cast an eye over your description, response and photos before you get back online, lest you're still carping on about the thrill of the 2012 Olympics like some sort of sports-obsessed nutjob. Here are some things to look out for:

Up to date pictures 

If, as people often do, you left the site three or four years ago to pursue a relationship that ultimately didn't go the distance and you're now back and raring to go, you really should update your photos. Even though you might look a shade more youthful or a few pounds lighter in your old pics, it's important to be honest about your appearance, as turning up on a date looking obviously different from your photo tends not to go down well. If you don't think you look too different (and you might want to get an second opinion on that) then check for things that will obviously date your photos (like you posing next to a half-built Shard or similar).

Correct details

It's easy to overlook the little details underneath your profile, but you'll do yourself a disservice if you do. If three years ago you were a proper party animal who went out and got plastered every weekend and was looking for someone to do the same with, you may have opted for the 'Drinks like a fish' option, but now you may have settled right down and only enjoy a moderate glass of red in front of Bake Off (may it's soul rest in peace). Your profile builds a picture of you and your lifestyle, so make sure even the little details are presenting you accurately.

Your description

Depending on what they wrote the first time around, you might want to ask your friend to write a new description of you. People do change, and some information might be out of date, so have a careful read and decide if the description is doing you justice. You may even decide that you want a new friend to describe you; perhaps you've met someone new who you think has really got the measure of you, or you've discovered someone else is a brilliant writer and would do a great job. If you want to change your friend, drop an email toadmin@mysinglefriend.com.

Your response

Responses tend to be be more time-specific than any other part of your profile, so make sure you really pay attention here. People mention events they're going to ("Can't wait to see Kanye at Glastonbury), television programmes they like ("Excited to start season 3 of Game of Thrones!") and music they are listening to ("I've just discovered a wacky new singer called Lady Gaga!"), and it's pretty obvious when they're out of date. Even if you're fairly new to MSF it makes sense to update your response on a regular basis anyway, as potential dates really like up to the minute and obviously cared for profiles. It'll only take a tick, and it'll make a world of difference.

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