23 Aug 2016

Profile photos: can you have too many?

Category: Advice
Author: Karen
As we're all very well aware by now, photos are very important to online dating. It's to be expected that people will want to know what you look like before they meet you, and the better quality pictures you have, the more likely you are to have dates. In the age of the selfie, there's no excuse for not having a good picture of yourself, and you should have loads to choose from as we're all pretty snap happy now that we all have a camera on us pretty much the whole time. So, having pictures is important, but the question is: how many should you have for optimum dating success?

One photo

One picture is the absolute bare minimum, as people will skate over your profile like an Olympic ice skater if you haven't got any. Some people go with one because they haven't got time to find more, or they don't think people will want to shuffle through loads of pictures, and they could be right as we tend to have pretty limited attention spans. However, if you're going to go with one photo you have to make absolutely sure it's the best one possible, otherwise it's hardly worth having. 

Two to four photos

Having more pictures gives people a much better idea of what you're like. More than one shot can show how you look both close up and in full body shots, plus they can give someone a really good idea of what you spend your time doing, such as hanging out with friends, playing a sport or travelling, which helps support your written profile. However, you have to make sure that the pictures are all top quality as one dodgy photo of you not quite looking your best can change someone's mind about contacting you.

Five plus photos

Some people love to see lots of photos as it allows them to see you from plenty of different angles and doing lots of different things; think of it as a form of full disclosure. It also demonstrates that you're a confident type with an open personality who isn't scared to share things with the world. However, you may not want to go too over the top as posting too many pictures of yourself can make you look a bit narcissistic, plus people might get a little bored after a while. If you do choose to put up lots of pictures, make sure they aren't too similar as no one wants to see 14 photos of you doing your best sexy pout, however great you think you look. 

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