31 Jul 2012

The importance of having photos

Category: Advice
Author: Karen

We recently received an email from an MSFer who wanted to let us know about her upcoming wedding to  chap she'd met through mysinglefriend.com. This happens on a regular basis but what really struck us about this particular story was that the woman in question hadn't added any pictures of herself to her profile. Now, we're very pleased to hear that her lucky hubby was drawn to her profile despite not being able to see what she looked like, but this scenario is the exception, rather than the rule.

We know that looks aren't the most important thing in life or a relationship, but it's a fact that online dating is a very visual experience, so the importance of a good photo can't be stressed enough. However, it's crucial to remember that it's the photo that has to be beautiful, meaning that you don't need to have the model good looks of Tom Hardy or Mila Kunis to attract a date. Read on for some top photo tips...

Bright and breezy

An attractive photo needs to be well lit. Before you add your primary picture take a look through the thumbnails on the search pages of the site and ask yourself which photos catch your eye. Is it the poorly lit ones of an indistinct face peering out from the gloom, or is it the bright and colourful pictures that jump from the page? It will always be the latter, so keep this in mind when choosing your photo. Pictures taken outdoors generally work best, as natural lighting is everyone's friend, and a dash of bright colour works wonders too.


We can't stress enough that a smiley photo works better than anything else. Though you may think you bear a striking resemblance to Keira Knightley with that sultry pout, it's important to bear in mind the impression you're giving to people looking at your profile. A smiley photo equals a happy and fun person who'd be great company on a night out; a pouty, moody one equals...well, a pouty and moody person who might be really hard work. Save any pouting for your secondaries, if you must include them at all, as they can be a real turn off.

Head and shoulders

People viewing your profile want to see what your face looks like, so make sure your primary photo is a good, head and shoulders close up. If your face can't be clearly seen, anyone looking at your thumbnail picture is more likely to move on without clicking through to your profile, so make sure you use a good close up and save those bikini body shots for your secondaries. It's also best to use a picture of you on your own, as cutting your mate out of the shot invariably leads to cutting out half your face, which doesn't help matters.

Indulge in a little photo shoot

If you don't currently have any suitable shots of yourself, then take some new ones rather than using a slightly ropey one. Get a friend round to take a few shots of you in the garden or a local park - outdoors light works best, and you should find a flash of colour to pose against. You may feel a little embarrassed, but it'll end up being a bit of a last and you'll get some great pictures out of it. Try to avoid using photos that you've obviously taken yourself as that looming arm in the shot never looks good.

Ask a mate

If you aren't sure about your photos, ask a friend to take a look for you. They'll have a more objective eye and will be able to make a good judgment about whether your pics are working in your favour. And, once you've asked, TAKE THEIR ADVICE as we all tend to get a little confused around photos of ourselves and don't always make the best judgments. 

Chop and change

If you don't think your pics are working for you, and you aren't getting the attention you deserve, then change them. Swapping your photos around is a great way to refresh your profile and grab the attention of someone who may have passed you by before. It's also good for your morale, so make sure you have a good selection to draw on and change them regularly.


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