16 May 2014

Success story: Ally and Andy

Category: Success Stories
Author: Milly Jones

They say Friday 13th is unlucky for some, but it seems it was the perfect date for our most recent success story couple, Ally and Andy! 

Ally and Andy wrote to tell us about how they first met on Friday 13th April back in 2012, and how they haven't looked back since... They're now engaged to get married on 2nd August this year! 

But the lead up to their first date didn't exactly go swimmingly for Ally, and she almost turned around and went home. Thank goodness she didn't! Read on to find out what happened... 

Here's the amazing story of their first date and how they knew it was love at first sight in Ally's words... 

"I moved to London in 2012 and Andy was my 1st date!!! I was super nervous about going on internet dating let alone a date but I was persuaded by my lovely friend who got me on MSF and it was literally the best connection I ever could imagine in my life with Andy. We met at Gordons Wine Bar on Friday 13th April. I was so nervous on the way to the date, I nearly turned back as I thought I was not ready to date let alone someone from the internet. I was on the phone to my best friend who encouraged me to carry on walking to the bar. As I was crossing the bridge my contact lens somehow popped out of my eye and fell on the ground!!! This was my weak eye so I thought this is most definitely a sign this date is not meant to be! My best friend pushed me to carry on walking and that all would be a-ok!" 

"When I first met Andy, apart from my heart beating off the scale, I could hardly see so I was trying to zoom in and out and focus on him as close up as possible. I knew I looked quite weird but within minutes of speaking we just clicked! Fireworks were flying and I just knew that he was my missing puzzle piece. So much so, we stayed out until 4am just talking and talking. Within 3 months Andy mentioned that he wanted to move down to Devon where he is from as he missed the sea and 10 years of living in London was enough to peak his photography career. Without a second thought I had my bags packed and we moved to Salcombe in Devon right by the sea and life has been pretty awesome ever since." 

"Andy proposed on Christmas day at the family home in Bahrain (I grew up in the Middle East) and it was wonderful to have my family around."We are now getting married where Andy works as a photographer - Shilstone in Devon on the 2nd August! I run a cupcake business called Kiss Me Cake and will be making my own wedding cakes which I'm really looking forward to."

What an amazing story... If that isn't enough to restore your faith that Friday 13th is lucky for some then I don't know what is! We'll be keeping in touch with Ally and Andy to make sure we're the first to get the lowdown on their wedding day in August - We've got a feeling it's going to be a good'un! Congratulations guys...

Love MSF x  

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