12 Aug 2016

Success story: James and Kath

Category: Success Stories
Author: Karen
It's Friday and we're celebrating in style this week with another lovely success story! We always love to hear from our MSFers, whether you're letting us know you've let someone, want to tell us about a brilliant date, or have any quibbles or queries about the site, so keep those emails coming in. Our latest happy couple James and Kath dropped us a line to let us know about their upcoming wedding.


Here what James had to tell us about his MSF experience...

"I always thought online dating was a great way to meet someone, My philosophy was that if a date didn't go well, it was onto the next. You have to be resilient and stay bouyant if dates don't go well. Try not to put too much pressure on meeting someone and go on as many as you can. I quicky learnt that my short messages (often three words long) weren't getting me anywhere so I tried to make my message titles as funny as I could. I like to think the title 'Marry Me' to Kath sealed the deal."

However, it almost didn't happen...

"Kath had subtly tried to call off our first date saying she'd been travelling all day but I wasn't having any of it and persisted until she gave in. I arrived first and waited at the bar. I saw her peering at the sign outsode making sure it was the right place and recognised her instantly from her photos. We laughed a lot that first night and I remember being in a bit of a 'what the hell!' type mood and feeling fairly confident. I like to think we liked each other straight away."

And in the future?

"We're living in Barcelona at the moment and getting married in October in a village about 50km outside. Not sure where we'll be living in a year's time but that's not unusual for us!"

We'd like to wish James and Kath a lifetime of happy travels and adventures! If you're part of an MSF success story, please drop us a line at blog@mysinglefriend.comand let us know!

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