22 Jun 2016

Success story: Steve and Jen

Category: Success Stories
Author: Karen
We're very pleased to introduce you to yet another MSF success story! We absolutely love hearing about happy couples - it makes our jobs so worthwhile - so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you met someone lovely through the site. We always love to hear from you! Our latest lovebirds are Steve and Jen, who got in touch to let us know that they have Sarah Beeny to thank for not one, but two, big life events. This what they had to say...

"We were both a little sceptical about online dating before joining MSF, but the fact that you have someone who knows you very well write your profile certainly takes some of the pressure away. We both lead busy lives, so it was a great way to meet people whom you knew were looking to find someone. Our experience of MSF was that there were a lot more people on the site who were serious about looking for a relationship.


"Our first date was on the final day if the 6 Nations with all to play for! We actually met with friends, but had a great time watching all three of the games, needless to say it was a boozy night... After being together for two years, I popped the question! Our wedding was incredible. We got married in a converted barn in the Cotswolds and celebrated with our closest family and friends. It couldn't have been more perfect for us: very relaxed, great food, great company. Four and a half years on we still look back very fondly on our perfect day.

"We recently sold a flat we own on (Sarah Beeny's property website) Tepilo. Highly efficient and a shade of the cost of buying through an estate agent. The process was very methodical and someone always at hand to support you along the journey. Highly recommended! And now, after a wedding, two beautiful children and three (maybe four) houses, we are just enjoying life, building our business and raising two amazing kids. Awaiting the next major life event Sarah Beeny can help us with!"

Huge congratulations to Steve and Jen from all of us here at MSF!  If you're part of an MSF success story, please drop us a line at blog@mysinglefriend.comand let us know!

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