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14 Apr 2016
We're very pleased to announce that our singles event 'Have You Met My Single Friend?' was a roaring success and a very good time was had by all! Held at very chic 50s-themed bar Love Die Late, it was a fab opportunity for people to mingle with other likeminded singles in a casual, no-pressure environment, drink a few cocktails and generally have a great time. And there was plenty of mingling to do as the event was totally sold out and we had a huge amount of people there, including a couple of celebs!

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05 Apr 2016
The team are giddy with excitement because our fabulous singles party is TOMORROW NIGHT! We're hosting Have You Met My Single Friend at the wonderfully chic cocktail bar Love Die Late, giving our lovely singles the chance to put some offline faces to some online profiles, meet some new people and generally have a wonderful time. 

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08 Mar 2016

Have You Met My Single Friend?

Category: Events
Author: Karen
As you would expect, we think meeting online is absolutely brilliant, but we're also very keen supporters of moving things offline pretty quickly and getting to know potential dates in the flesh. This being the case, we've organised a party to encourage our lovely MSFers to meet each other face-to-face and do a bit of mingling within the gorgeous setting of 50s-themed bar Love Die Late in Fitzrovia. Bring a friend of the opposite sex and get your flirt on!

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03 Mar 2016
At we're big advocates of getting away from the computer as soon as possible and meeting people in person. To help make this happen for our lovely MSF members we recently held a party to give people the opportunity to enjoy a mingle with other singles, plus it was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet some of our members too. The event was held at swanky private members club The Library in the heart of London's West End, where our guests had the opportunity to sample some cocktails, meet some new people and generally have a great time together. We were delighted to meet so many lovely people and everyone had a lot of fun.

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10 Feb 2016
What could possibly be a better option for single people on Valentine's Day than a party hosted by Yes, we've teamed up with dating expert Madeleine Mason from PassionSmiths to put on a brilliant evening of dancing, drinking and socialising with other lovely single people. PassionSmiths will have their social mixers on hand to help you meet and greet one another and there will be a game of 'Power Dating', for those who fancy a bit of audience participation.

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