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07 Feb 2017
With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is officially in the air. It’s an exciting time when you’re dating but sometimes making your feelings clear is a difficult task. Don’t panic; there’s no need to find the right words when someone else has already done it for you.
Why not say it with a song instead?

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27 Jan 2017

5 low key first date ideas to take the pressure off

Category: Features
Author: Karen
First dates are generally nerve-wracking affairs and it can feel quite scary to have to pull out all the stops and be fun, interesting and hilarious when you find yourself in the company of a perfect stranger. Rather than going down the usual route of drinks or dinner, there are plenty of date ideas that can remove the intense pressure of having your first meeting across a table, with only your own conversational skills (which can really fall apart if you have an attack of nerves) standing between you and a dating disaster. Here are five ideas that will help that all-important first date go smoothly.

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25 Jan 2017
Trying to figure out if your date fancies you or not is tricky, especially as many of us already have the tendency have a glass-half-empty attitude when it comes to matters of the heart. It's easy to concentrate on the things that we perceive to be going wrong on a date, such as feeling nervous or conversation being a little stilted, and therefore think that the whole thing is a total disaster. However, there are some visual cues that you can take from your date's body language that will give you a good idea about whether they're feeling a spark or not. Here are a few.

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02 Jan 2017
Whilst today sees most of us return to the every day grind after a couple of blissful weeks of lying around watching telly and eating fistfuls of Celebrations for breakfast, there's also some pleasure to be had in getting back into the swing of things and enjoying the start of a brand new year. If you've decided that 2017 is going to be the year that you get out into the dating scene, and perhaps meet that special someone, we've got some excellent New Year dating resolutions that will ensure you bag yourself some fantastic dates.

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30 Dec 2016
So, you've made through Christmas as a single person. You've survived the Christmas parties, you've made it through the festive dinners full of couples and you've run the gauntlet of the annual family grilling about why you haven't got married next. However, there's still one hurdle to get over on your own, and that's New Year's Eve. Lots of single people dread the occasion as it's easy to feel a bit lonely and sorry for yourself if you haven't got a special someone to kiss a midnight, but it can actually be a huge amount of fun to be footloose and fancy free. Here are five reasons to make the most of it.

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