12 Oct 2016

10 Ways To Make Sure Your Dating Profile Stands Out

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Author: Karen
We'd like to introduce you to the wonderful Katy Red, a dating, sex and relationship expert who recently won awards for her work from the UK Dating Awards and the UK Blog Awards. Katy's blog is called All Sweetness and Life, and is a treasure trove of information and tips for people navigating the unpredictable waters of dating in the 21st century, but she's popped over to the MSF blog to share her thoughts on how to make your profile stand out...

With more and more people using online dating, it’s important that your profile goes that extra mile and stands out from the crowd, which means making sure you have a tip top photo and a well written profile. There are a number of text book errors people make with their profiles - from bad spelling and grammar to being too general or too wordy. Selling yourself in a paragraph can be tricky thing to do, but there are some easy tips to follow if you want to get the most from your profile and avoid the classic dating profile no-no’s. 

1. Relax (this is supposed to be fun!)
Your profile is the make or break of getting a message, so strive to make your energy upbeat and warm. Introducing yourself with a ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’ immediately makes you come across as approachable and friendly. Writing a list of bullet points does not. 
2. Don’t be negative
There is nothing more off putting in a dating profile than a person who’s opening line is about how much the ‘can’t believe they’re online dating’ or ‘never normally does this sort of thing’. Not only is it negative but it’s insulting to everyone else who’s online dating! You’re here, you’re doing it - enjoy it! 
3. … But go easy on the ‘positive mantras’  
‘Don’t ask yourself why, ask yourself why not’ … 
‘I am in charge of what I choose, and today I choose happiness’ 
Drivel - stop it immediately.  
4. Don’t be too general 
Saying something like ‘I love life’  is not only a cliche, but also a very difficult spring board to start a conversation with. We get that you are trying to sound positive and upbeat but, actually, being a bit more specific about what it is exactly about life you love is far more interesting for your potential date. 
5. Easy on the adjectives 
Similarly, nothing zones a person out like a list of adjectives.
 ‘I’m funny … happy … sensual … honest … caring …. sincere’ 
You may well be one or all of the above but simply stating it gets you nowhere. If being adventurous is one of your redeeming features, tell us about that time you swam with sharks or jumped out of a plane. And never use the word sensual - just creepy. 
6. Don’t be too needy 
No profile should ever start with a ‘thank you’. Yes, of course it’s flattering when somebody views your profile but thanking them for stopping by doesn’t come across as polite, it comes across as needy and desperate - and surprised that anyone would be interested in you. 
7. Your profile should be about you 
Almost as much of a turn off as someone who is too needy, is a person who spends their entire profile listing what they are looking for in a partner and nothing about themselves. Your profile should be about you not about how you won’t date someone under six foot or who doesn’t live in West London. 
8. Capital letters, exclamation marks, LOL’s … 
Because OMG what’s not to LOVE about a person who can’t end a sentence without an LOL!!!!!!?!??!??? HAHAHA …  ROFL …  PMSL :  ))))) ;  )))))) !!!! 
Quite a lot, actually. 
9. Spelling 
‘Your’ is the second person possessive adjective, used to describe something as belonging to you. 
‘You’re’ is the contraction of ‘you are’ and is often followed by the present participle. 
You’re welcome.
10. Keep it brief (ish) 
Recent studies suggest that the perfect length for a dating profile is between 200 - 300 words. Enough to entice a person to want to know more but not too much that they’ll drift off and lose interest. 
And who said that there wasn’t a science to dating. 

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