04 Nov 2016

5 of the best ideas for dating on Bonfire Night

Category: Features
Author: Karen
As you may or may not know, mysinglefriend.com is offering free messaging this weekend so that everyone can find themselves a fizz popping date for Bonfire Night! Of all the annual events we have in the UK, Bonfire Night is by far the best for dating. Getting all bundled up in your favourite jumper, hat and gloves and watching fireworks is wonderfully romantic, plus being outdoors in the cold gives you the perfect excuse to snuggle up to your date. Throw in a toffee apple and a cup of mulled cider and you've got yourself the perfect evening. Here are five fab ideas for making the most of it!

Crack open a packet of sparklers

Looking at fireworks is great, but being able to hold them in your hand is another thing all together. No one gets over the childish joy of waving a sparkler around, and you can also make the cutely romantic gesture of writing your date's name in the air (just make sure you know how to spell it).

Have a spin on the London Eye

Watching one firework display is lovely, but what if you could watch them all? If you time it right you could watch pretty much every firework display in London, all from the comfort and warmth of a pod on the London Eye. Why not really push the boat out and enjoy a glass of champagne during your trip? The ultimate in Bonfire Night romance.

Go up a big hill

Wherever you live, there should be a suitably big hill that you can climb and enjoy all the local firework displays, as well as the random ones that brave (or possibly foolish) people set off in their back gardens. Wrap up warm, take a flask of something warm and alcoholic, and soak up the views.

Have your own bonfire

It doesn't have to be about fireworks - you can celebrate Bonfire Night with a nice little fire in your own back yard. Pop on some tunes, open a bottle of wine and, most importantly, purchase a nice big bag of marshmallows to roast. 

Or go to an organised event

If you live in a big city, you will be spoint for choice when it comes to choosing a display to go to, but even small towns and villages usually have some sort of event. Whether you go to a massive one like the Alexandra Palace Fireworfs Festival, or something small in your local pub's back garden, you're guaranteed a fine time. 

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