07 Sep 2016

5 reasons why autumn is the best season for dating

Category: Features
Author: Karen

So, summer is pretty much over. No more evening barbeques, afternoons spent lying in the park or al fresco dining, only the slow creep of darkness as we descend into winter. But hey! Let's not be down about it because first we have the delights of autumn, which, as we at mysinglefriend.com know, is actually the best season for dating. Not convinced? Read on for five reasons why.

1. Clothing

Layers, people, layers. Whilst popping on a flimsy shirt and your flip flops is lovely, summer weather doesn't leave you with anywhere else to go. In the autumn you can wear the flimsy shirt, plus a jumper, a coat and a scarf and dazzle your date with each. Autumn gives you options and won't leave you shivering at the end of an evening because it was so hot earlier that you couldn't imagine needing a jacket. Plus, everyone looks good in a snuggly bit of knitwear.

2. Weather

Yes, the heat has gone but was it that good anyway? We Brits spend the summer as hostages to the sun, throwing ourselves prone onto the nearest flat surface the second it peeps out, just in case that was the only glimpse we're going to see for the next ten months. Autumn weather is nice and cool, freeing you from red-faced, sweating panics about how much deoderant you're wearing but not turning you into a sniffing, shivering snowman. Perfect.

3. The great indoors

The idea of al fresco eating is all very well, but we reckon more than one of you has spent a tricky date trapping wasps under wine glasses and fishing the charred bodies of candle-fixated moths from your pear and parmesan salad whilst ten ton lorries crash by inches from your plate. Autumn removes the temptation to look picturesque and continental at a pavement table and allows you to eat indoors like civilised people.

4. Food and drink

And what things there are to eat! We all get our appetities back in autumn and can enjoy a hearty meal of piping hot deliciousness rather than a few leaves and a couple of barbecued prawns. Autumn is the season for the coffee shop date; all those warming, tasty beverages just waiting to be sipped. Aforementioned snuggly knitwear + hot chocolate = dating heaven.

5. Things to do

In the summer everyone is too busy larking around outside with moths and wasps to do anything culturally edifying on a date. Why sit in the dark watching a classic film when you could be in a park getting repeatedly hit in the face with a frisbee? Why indeed. As soon as autumn kicks in and the world returns to its senses the cultural programming of the country slips back into its groove and provides lots of options for dating fun.

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