01 Jul 2016

5 tips for a heavenly first holiday together

Category: Features
Author: Karen
The idea of a holiday with your new found squeeze always seems like such a good idea: plenty of time to spend together, a romantic setting, a hot climate, an abundance of food, drink and relaxation. In theory it's perfect, but the reality can be somewhat different. Agreeing on a place to go, figuring out the logistics of the trip and then spending an unusually long stretch of time together can stress your relationship in a whole load of new and unexpected ways. However, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure you end up on a holiday from heaven, rather than hell.

Ease yourselves in

Make your first trip a small one, so you can figure out how each other operates outside the norm. We're talking a short break somewhere close by: a weekend in a British or European city rather than six weeks trekking through Bolivia. Choose a destination that is easy to reach with minimal planning so you aren't piling stress on yourselves before you've even left.

Be prepared to compromise

A good relationship involves the ability to compromise, so start now. You might be dead set on a romantic weekend in Paris, but your other half's idea of a good time might be three days wild camping in Scotland. Be honest about what you want - it will save a lot of difficulty in the future - but be prepared to change your ideas and try something different. You might even enjoy it!

You're going to have to have the money talk

When you go on holiday you're basically buying something together, so you need to be upfront about it from the beginning, as money is a tricky subject and, if left to fester secretly, can breed resentment. Are you paying 50:50 or is one of you treating the other? Will you have a kitty and pay for everything out of that, or will you pay for things separately? You should also have a talk about your respective budgets - if one of you earns significantly more than the other, you could have wildly different expectations about what kind of holiday you're having. A short talk about it now could save a lot of problems later.

Don't be militant about the itinerary

The point of your holiday is to have some time to really get to know each other, so don't fill your holiday so full with plans that you end up rushing from place to place in a massive stress, end up arguing and have a terrible time. Of course it's good to have a vague idea of some things you'd like to see and do when you arrive, but be prepared to relax and go with the flow as well.

Remember that it might not be perfect

We don't want to kill your buzz, but real life happens on holiday too, so don't expect everything to be completely perfect and then get upset when something goes wrong. Building something up too much inevitably ends in disaster, so make sure you pack your sense of humour along with you swimming costume. If you're realistic about your trip, you're much more likely to have an amazing time.

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