15 Jun 2016

Date idea: Wine tasting

Category: Features
Author: Karen
If you spend a fair amount of your dates sipping a glass of tasty wine in a bar, why not go a step further and learn a little bit about what you're drinking? We huge advocates of dates that involve a bit of an activity and a wine tasting evening or winery tour helpfully combines a bit of booze with a focus for your date, very helpful if you often find yourself getting a bit tongue tied in front of your date.

You could go the whole hog and book yourselves onto a wine tasting course, but it could all get a bit awkward if things go wrong after a couple of weeks and you end up still tasting wine with someone when you'd rather pretend they never existed, so a wine tasting evening is a much better bet (and a lot cheaper). During a tasting evening you'll sample a selection of wines that will be served alongside tasting food, plus you'll have comprehensive tasting notes and most likely a real life tutor, meaning that you can't help but learn something useful. This date is a win-win scenario because, should it not work out with the person you go with, you're going to be able to impress your next date with all the knowledge you've garnered on this one. The West London Wine School holds very regular tastings, as do the stylish folk at Cork & Bottle.

If you want to go a step further, why not try a full winery tour? Obviously a trip to the south of France or a California vineyard isn't on the cards (unless you're very rich), but luckily you can get the experience much closer to home at London Cru, a winery hidden away in central London. As well as the all important imbibing of wine (straight from the barrel), you can also find out about the workings of the winery and meet the staff. Sounds good to us!

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