03 Oct 2016

Date Night Idea: Making the most of autumn

Category: Features
Author: Karen
As you'll know if you've read our post about why autumn is the best time for dating, we're massive fans of the current season. It's not too hot or too cold, the evening are still relatively light, you can wear your snuggly knitwear, and the world is a riot of wonderful colour. We've come up with a few dating ideas that will allow you to enjoy the delights of autumn to the max.

A walk in the woods

This is absolute numerso uno when it comes to dating in autumn, and it applies to all you city people as well. You don't (and perhaps shouldn't on an early date - safety must always come first) have to go right out into the sticks to enjoy the gorgeous colours of the changing trees, you can just head on down to your local park and picturesquely kick your way through a few piles of leaves. If you really want to go to town on trees, try visiting an arboretum, like Westonbirt or Syon Park, that have an incredible array of exotic and beautiful trees to enjoy.

Go scrumping

Though it sounds like the kind of innuendo you'd hear on Bake Off, scrumping is the act of pinching apples. Now, we'd never recommend you'd do anything illegal, but there are apple trees in abundance in the UK and you can probably find one in a local park, or maybe an overhanging branch for next door's garden. Autumn is apple season, so you should find some hanging about the place: perfect for a tasty pie.

Enjoy a hearty dinner

Summer's great and all, but it's always just too hot to get stuck into a satisfyingly hearty meal. The colder months, however, are perfect for those wonderfully warming meals, like a tasty stew or a delicious pie. Our favourite pie makers are Pieminister, who have a selection of fab restaurants that are perfect for a date. 


You probably go to the pub on a lot of your dates, but there's a particular type of pub that makes for a wonderful autumnal date, possibly squeezed in after your chilly walk, but before your hearty dinner. Ideally it should have a fire, a few small, cosy rooms, a selection of board games and, in a truly ideal world, a cat. 

A night in

Summer is not the time for a night in. There's nothing good on TV, the house is horribly stuffy, and it's hard to overcome that nagging sense of guilt that you should be making the most of the weather. Come autumn and you can sack off any anxiety regarding the sunshine (as there won't be any for the next nine months) and get your cosy on at home. Whether you're a fan of Strictly, tense thriller The Fall, or classically lavish historical drama Victoria, there's plenty to keep you gripped.