06 Jul 2016

Date night idea: sushi making

Category: Features
Author: Karen
Learning something new with someone else is a very bonding experience, so we highly recommend going on dates that involve something a little more challenging than dinner and drinks every now and then. Learning to cook something delicious is even better, as you get to consume it all afterwards. Sushi is a bit of a divisive food: people tend to either love it or hate it and there aren't many people in between, so first you need to find out how your date feels about it. The chances are that if they love eating this neat, simple and delicious Japanese delicacy, they'll be raring to have a go at making it too.

Going to a class

If you've never even thought about making sushi before, we highly recommend you go to a class. A skilled and experienced chef will put you through your paces, showing you everything you need to know from cooking the perfect rice to using seaweed sheets to make those beautiful maki rolls. Going to a proper class will give you skills that go beyond those you can pick up for yourself at home, and you will learn a lot about the history and tradition of sushi into the bargain. 

Freestyling it at home

Of course, if you go to a sushi making class, there will be a whole bunch of other people there, which could really kill your romantic buzz. If you want this to be an occasion for just the two of you, then you should probably just get cracking at home. Of course, this date will require some preparation, so maybe make a trip to your local Japanese supermarket beforehand (or your local supermarket - sushi is pretty mainstream nowadays). The basics you will need are bamboo rolling mats, cling film, a very sharp knife and some good quality ingredients, which should include sushi rice, rice vinegar, nori (seaweed sheets) and fish. Make sure that the fish you buy is labelled as 'sushi grade' or 'sashimi grade', because it needs to be fresh enough to consume raw. We also recommend finding a book or online guide that will show you the basics before you get started.

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