19 Aug 2016

Date night idea: The Olympics!

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Author: Karen
The Olympics are in full swing and we are loving every moment, and are very excited by Team GB's steady march up the medal table. Now, unless you happen to have a lot of time, money and perhaps a private jet at your disposal, it's unlikely that you will actually be going on a date to the actual Olympics in Rio, but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of it on your date night with these highly entertaining ideas.

Try an Olympic sport

We appreciate that the pommel horse or dressage isn't something you'll be able to turn your hand to for an evening, but there are plenty of Olympic sports that you can easily have a go at, such as tennis, badminton, cycling, golf, trampolining or swimming. Seeing as we're currently being blessed by some good weather, our current favourite idea is beach volleyball. Pack a picnic, a net and a ball and make a day of it at your nearest beach.

Watch on the big screen

If you'd rather watch the sport than do the sport, we recommend you go along to one of the big screens around the country that are pretty much constantly televising the best of the Olympics. As well as being able to enjoy a cinema-style experience in the great outdoors, you also get a much better atmosphere, as there will be hundreds of people applauding and whooping alongside you. If you can't get the outdoors experience, you'll definitely be able to find a big screen in a decent pub.

Try some Brazilian food

We understand that not everyone is interested in the Olympics and would sooner chew their own arm off than sit through a session of interminable velodrome "action". If this is the case, you can still experience something else that Brazil has to offer: some incredibly cuisine. Fantastic Brazilian restaurants are easy to find in larger towns and cities throughout the UK, serving traditional dishes such as moqueca (a delicious fish stew), feijoada (a hearty stew of black beans and sausages) and brigadeiros (tasty chocolate truffles). 

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