31 Oct 2016

Five ideas for dating after the clocks go back

Category: Features
Author: Karen
The clocks have gone back so it's officially time for the darker and colder side of the year, but we are not despairing here at mysinglefriend.com. Many people believe that summer is the best time for dating, and it's true that there's little better than an a fresco dinner or a walk in the sunshine, but autumn and winter definitely have their perks and can be enjoyed just as much as the warmer seasons. Here are five great ideas for dating in the darker months.

1. Bring some 'hygge' into your lives

'Hygge' is a Danish word that is tricky to translate directly into English, but sort of the same thing as 'cosiness'. Due to the amount of darkness in Denmark - sometimes up to 17 hours a day - the Danes have learnt to embrace those quieter, cosier times and make the most of them. Rather than moaning about the dark evenings, make the most of them by lighting some candles or a fire, snuggling up in your best knitwear and enjoying a romantic evening with your date.


2. Become a movie buff

The cinema tends to go off our collective radar during the summer months, because who wants to be cooped up in the dark when there's all that summer sunshine to enjoy? In the winter, however, going to the movies comes into its own. There are a lot of excellent films out at the moment, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where To FInd Them and Arrival, and sci-fi fans are working themselves up into a froth of anticipation over Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Plus, if the film is rubbish, there's plenty of opportunity for canoodling in the dark.

3. Ice skating

Seasonal ice rinks will begin to appear in towns and cities all over the country from now onwards, and skating makes for an excellent dating activity. Whether you've got the skills of Torvill and Dean or you spend most of the time flat out on your bum you'll have a huge amount of fun, and it gives you an excellent excuse to hold your date's hand too! Finish off with a warming apres-skate beverage and you've got the perfect winter date.

4. Board games in the pub

Pubs are brilliant in winter, and the rougher they are around the edges, the cosier they will be. Find a local with a comfy sofa and a selection of brilliant board games, get the drinks in and settle down for a very entertaining evening. This is also a brilliant plan for a double or triple date. Perhaps it's not the most romantic evening, but it will be lots of sociable fun.

5. Dinner by candlelight
And we mean just candlelight. If the nights will insist on getting dark so early then the best thing to do is roll with the punches and make the most of it. There's nothing more romantic than a delicious candlelit dinner, especially if you really go to town on the candles, and, if you really want to push the boat out, you could serve something that is cooked by candles, such as fondue. All that soft, twinkling light will provide a magical atmosphere and your date will be bowled over.

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