15 Aug 2016

Five surprising things that can make you look unattractive

Category: Features
Author: Karen
When it comes to not looking sexy, it seems obvious to concentrate on the visual side of things, such as greasy hair, dirty clothes and not smelling as fresh as a daisy. However, studies have shown that it is actually more likely that behaviours and habits are more unattractive to potential partners than the way you look. Here are five surprising ways that you might be accidentally harming your sex appeal.

Not getting enough sleep

In a study from 2010, researchers asked people to look at photos of people who'd had a solid 8 hours of sleep and people who hadn't slept for 31 hours and asked them to rate their levels of attractiveness. The people who were sleep deprived were perceived as being less attractive, sadder and less healthy. There's a reason why it's called beauty sleep!


Stress is bad for us in loads of ways, and it might also be harming our chances of finding a partner. A study conducted in 2013 found that women with high levels of the stress hormone cortisol were viewed by men as being less attractive. The researchers believe that this is because lower cortisol levels indicate health and fertility.

Looking too happy

It sounds a bit crazy, but a recent study found that women don't like guys who look too happy. Women were shown pictures of men and were asked to rate how attractive they found them and the results found that women rated men as most unattractive when they looked happy and most attractive when they looked proud.


We've always said that lying to impress a potential date is always a bad plan, and there is science to back this up. A 2006 study asked people to read blurbs about men and women, who were described as either dependent or independent. intelligent or unintelligent and honest or dishonest, and say how attractive they found them. The results found that honesty was the only trait to have an effect on how attractive they were.

Being mean

We're all guilty of having a small mean streak, but taking it too far is a real turn off for your date. A Chinese study asked participants to look at photos of people displaying neutral expressions. Some of the pictures were accompanied by the words 'decent' and 'honest', others were accompanied by the words 'evil' and 'mean' and some had no words. The participants of the study rated people as less attractive when they were described as evil and mean.

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