20 Jul 2016

How to date in boiling hot weather

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Author: Karen
For a nation that constantly monitors the sky for the tiniest bit of blue and loves to have barbecues at the most inappropriate moments (in the drizzle, in a howling gale, in a highly flammable tent), we are somehow still woefully unprepared for an actual heatwave. Whilst other countries deal with their hot weather by dressing in cool clothing and going about their business as usual, safe in the knowledge it will still be sunny on the weekend and they can go and relax by a pool, the British tend to either throw all their clothes off and sit in the punishing glare of the sun until they're burned to a crisp, or carrying on as they normally would and succumb to heatstroke after refusing to remove their duffel coat on the tube. And we're no better when it comes to dating: we will cram into a tiny, humid bar or shadeless beer garden and become sweaty, dehydrated and decidedly unsexy within about five minutes. But it doesn't have to be be this way - here are a few ideas for keeping your cool on even the hottest day.

Sit somewhere shady

This is very basic advice, but the amount of people who will sit in the sun until their skin literally starts to peel off is worrying. It's true that we don't get sun very often and people want to make the most of it, but getting sunburn is a) potentially dangerous and b) makes you look ridiculous. Rather than spending the evening getting progressively redder in the face and incoherent with sunstroke, meet your date in a shady spot and enjoy the heat without the pain.

Picnic time!

Along with many other outdoor events, the British aren't brilliant at picnics. Sweaty sandwiches, warm wine and melted choc ices tend to be the norm, which is no fun for anyone. However, a little forward planning can make a picnic decidedly romantic and memorable. The most important thing to do is invest in a cool bag - you can pick one up in your local supermarket - and bring some food that travels well such as a simple salads, sushi, bread, posh crisps, a cheese that benefits from being a bit melted and some booze that doesn't mind being a bit warm, like a nice bottle of red.

Make sure it goes swimmingly

Everyone's immediate response to hot weather is to want to immerse themselves in a large body of cold water, and you shouldn't have to crush this compulsion just because you're going on a date. Apart from the fact that it quickly answers the "I wonder what they look like underneath their clothes?" question that we all ask ourselves, swimming together will be delightful on a hot day. It's also a great litmus test of your date's tastes: will they choose the posh lido where you can still sip some champers, the pond in the park and a couple of beers, or the beautiful river that takes an hour to find but is absolutely stunning?

Stay indoors

Very hot weather is a bit like the music of Taylor Swift: fun when you imagine it, but spend too much time with it and you'll end up tired, irritable and desperate to get away from it. Rather than feeling obliged to make the most of it, why not do the opposite and just ignore it? If there is any indoor activity that you have previously avoided due to crowds, now is the time to do it, from a trip to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster, to that exhibition that's always crammed to that cool basement restaurant that you've wanted to try. 

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