04 Jul 2016

Love WImbledon? Then you'll love these dating ideas...

Category: Features
Author: Karen
Though the biggest tennis event of the year has been a bit overshadowed by recent events, the excitement of Wimbledon has still been unfolding down in leafy SW19. Andy Murray is still in the tournament and has a very real chance of making it to the final, and Roger Federer and Serena Williams have been ripping up the turf with some impressive play. We love the annual jamboree of squash, strawberries and impromptu Cliff Richard performances, and not just for the tennis: there are some excellent dating opportunities to be had. Here are a few ideas...

Queue for day tickets

If you decided you wanted to buy a ticket online to see a match (without booking months in advance) you'd have no chance, but Wimbledon has a little quirk in that it releases spare tickets every day. The only thing is that you have to queue up for a chance to get them and, with Wimbledon being as popular as it is, that's a pretty long queue; people tend to camp out overnight. Now, a very long queue may not initially strike you as a thrilling date, but actually a very good time can be had. You get plenty of opportunity to chat, there's the buzz of the crowd around you, you can take some fold up chairs and have a picnic and a bottle of fizz and then, hopefully, you can watch an exciting game of world class tennis. Good times.

Watch from Henman Hill

If queuing isn't your bag, and you don't mind missing out on the live action, then take your date for a picnic on Henman Hill (or Murray Mound as it's now, slightly disturbingly, known), a lovely grassy knoll just north of Centre Court with a great, big screen showing the current match. You get all the atmosphere, plus the genuine sound of the pit pat of the balls and gasps of the crowds from the court, and all for free. Take a blanket, a picnic and a bottle of fizz for a truly classy date.

Play a game of tennis

If you're an active type, all this sitting around queuing and watching might not do it for you. We suggest getting out there and actually playing a game of tennis with your date. It might be a little bit left field for a first date, as all that activity is basically going to mean you end up a red-faced, sweating monster in joggers rather than a beautiful, well-dressed model/angel, but, actually, if they've seen you at your worst and they still like you, then you're probably on to a winner. And it doesn't really matter if you can't play as this means you won't take it seriously and you'll have a good laugh.

Find a big screen

Many cities now show Wimbledon on a giant communal screen, which is not much more effort than watching at home and allows you to catch some rays and enjoy the buzz of the crowd whilst you do so. A quick whizz around the internet will show you where to go and then all you have to do is turn up with the strawberries and cream.

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