20 Jun 2016

Science says that these are the ten biggest dating turn offs

Category: Features
Author: Karen
When you go on a first date you'll want to make the best possible impression and you might wonder about the types of things that your date won't like. If you've been on multiple first dates and the prospect of a second never arises, or they don't text you after, or your date gets a suspiciously urgent call that they have to attend to and leave you sitting in the restaurant alone before the soup has even arrived, then you might start to suspect that you're doing something wrong. Well, now Western Sydney University has done a study that might reveal to you where you're going wrong.

The study asked 2,744 single adults what they considered to be the most off-putting traits in a potential partner and came up with a list of the top ten dating deal breakers. Looking 'dishevelled or unclean' takes the top spot on the list, with 67% of people understandably finding it unattractive, closely followed by being lazy, said 66%, and being needy  at 63%. Not having a sense of humour, which is crucial in the dating game, came in fourth with 54% followed, interestingly, by geographical problems - 49% would have a problem dating someone who lives more than three hours away. Bad sex was a definite no-no for 47% of the people asked, a lack of confidence didn't work for 40% and having a lack of libido, playing too many video games and being stubborn tied for the last three places, all at 33%.

We like to think that all of our MSFers are well groomed, energetic types who can more than hold their own in a conversation, so you probably don't have any of these problems, but it's worth bearing in mind nonetheless! We're going to be taking our own poll about your dating turn-ons and turn-offs in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the blog.

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