21 Dec 2016

The MSF Christmas Survival Guide for Singles part 2

Category: Features
Author: Karen
Christmas can be the most difficult time of year when you aren't in a relationship or dating. Whether you're navigating who to take, or not, to Christmas parties, trying to figure out how to spend the bank holidays, or just negotiating difficult questions from nosy family members about exactly when you're going to get hitched, the festive season can quickly turn from some fun into something unpleasantly stressful. However, there are some simple coping strategies that can help you bear, and possibly even enjoy, this Christmas.

Take matters into your own hands

Rather than worrying about all the Christmas parties that you've been invited to, take matters into your own hands and throw your own. You can invite only people that you want to see, so there won't be any lingering worries about bumping into your ex and their new partner, and you can make the party just how you want, whether it's a sophisticated evening of champagne and canapes or an all-out massive bash with a big bowl of lethal punch and a pinata full of Quality Street. Invite all your single friends, and encourage them to do the same, creating a nice pool of potential love interest for everyone.


Don't believe the hype

At Christmas, the streets, the TV, the internet, magazines and every single other bloody place you look appear to be full of couples and families have the most delightful and joyful time ever, whilst you lie alone on the sofa watching Netflix with only a six pack of mince pies for company. Feeling like you're the only person not filled with the spirit of Christmas is enough to get anyone down, but remember that it's mostly an illusion. Whilst people look like they're having a great time, it's often for show, as Christmas is a time when many people struggle. Make the most of your alone time, as there are a lot of people out there who would be grateful for it.

Get stuck into online dating

If you've got a bit of time on your hands because everyone else is so wrapped up in family commitments, get online and start looking for people who are in the same position as you are. Online dating sites see a surge in new members during this time of year, so you're actually more likely to meet someone when you're feeling at your loneliest. This is a real opportunity to make Christmas exciting and fun, instead of mooching around in a pool of misery because you're single. If you're flitting around between dates and parties, you won't have a moment to spare to feel sorry for yourself.  

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