12 Dec 2016

Vote for us in the UK Blog Awards!

Category: Features
Author: Karen
The UK Blog Awards is a celebration of the best blogging talent in the UK and this year we are lucky enough to be in the running! As regular readers will know, the MSF blog aims to offer the sort of experience that you'd get from discussing your dating life with your mates: thoughtful, heartful, mostly practical and a bit of a laugh. A lot of the dating advice on offer online is a little bit prim, far too general or, as the internet can often be, completely off the wall, but the MSF blog offers something a little bit more personal and a lot more down to earth. The idea behind mysinglefriend.com is that everything is better when your friends are with you, and the mysinglefriend blog is very much part of that philosopy.

So, if you're a fan of the blog, we'd love it if you could vote for us! It takes 30 seconds to do so and will earn you a lifetime of appreciation from us! Click here to cast your vote now!

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