11 Jul 2016

What does your date's music taste say about them?

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Author: Karen
Someone's taste in music is a very personal thing and something that can give away more about them than a simple conversation can. Talking about music is a fab idea on a first date, as pretty much everyone will have a favourite genre and artist, and probably a whole bunch of great stories related to the music they love, the bands they've seen and the memories attached to particular songs. So, as well as providing some great conversational fodder, a chat about music can reveal a little more about your date than they think they're giving. A three-year study by music psychology scholar Adrian North that correlated musical preferences with personality traits revealed the following surprising facts.

Heavy metal fans gentle and introverted

It might seem unlikely, but people who love listening to loud, aggressive metal or actually most likely to be quiet, gentle types who enjoy one-on-one time more than going out in a big group.

Hip Hop fans are sociable and energetic

Fans of hip hop enjoy the sociable aspects of music as much as the sounds and will enjoy going out and having a good dance. The study found that they are extroverts with high self-esteem, so you're guaranteed a good time, but maybe not much down time.

Pop fans are outgoing but anxious 

People who enjoy chart pop showed a lack of creativity in the study and also tended to be worriers, but they are also outgoing and sociable. 

Rock fans are selfish but relaxed

The study found that classic rock fans are easy going people, but they do tend to be a bit self-centred. However, fans of the more indie end of the rock spectrum are creative and open to new experience, but suffer from low self-esteem, so it's good figure out exactly what someone means when they say 'rock'.

Folk, jazz and blues fans are philosophical types

Listening to these types of music generally requires a more active engagement than other genres, and fans of folk, jazz and blues are reflective, open-minded and creative. They are liberal thinkers and probably very clever.

Country music fans are hardworking and close-minded

Country music fans are pleasant to be around, high on empathy and lacking in pretentions. They are also more likely to be politically conservative and not very open to experiencing other types of art and music.

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