01 Dec 2016

Why being the last single friend is actually brilliant!

Category: Features
Author: Karen
Being the last single person in your group of friends can be a total drag sometimes. If you've been to fifteen weddings in the last three years without a significant other, and spent too many dinners sitting next to an empty space, you're probably ready to pledge your troth to your Netflix account and stay in forever. However, whilst it might feel like a bum deal it also has its upsides, like every situation. Here are five reasons why you should be pleased to still be single. 

Your friends secretly envy your freedom

Seriously. Hopefully they're very happy in their relationships and they're very happy to go home with their significant other look at paint swatches, or whatever couples do, but somewhere deep within their hearts lies a smouldering ember of jealousy directed at you. When they made the choice to get coupled up, they also made the choice to renounce the fun of the single lifestyle - something that you are still at liberty to enjoy. Make the most of it before you get snapped up.

There's no competition

Back in the days when all your mates were single there was no doubt fierce competition on a night out when everyone wanted to hook up with the hottest guy or girl in the bar. Now when you go out with them you're the only one in the group who's able to make a play for the one that everyone fancies. You'll be able to feel their jealous gazes on your back as you strut over to start flirting.

You can provide a shoulder to cry on/drink with

It's not all about making your mates jealous - it's also about being there for them. People tend not to turn to coupled up people when they're having a hard time, especially when it's because of a relationship, perhaps because they worry about taking up their time, or maybe because they don't want to spill their love troubles in front of a happy couple. One of the great things about being single is that people turn to you, as they know you have the time and space to listen. Plus you get all the gossip!

Everyone wants to set you up on dates

This is probably the best thing about being the last single friend. When your friends were single they would have snapped up an eligable date for themselves, but now they'll be sending every unattached, good looking possibility directly to you. This extends to mysinglefriend too - once your friend has signed you up they can search through the site looking for people they think you might like, which provides them with a bit of legitimate extra-marital eye candy and you with lots of potential dates.

They can live vicariously through you

Think of yourself as providing a service to your tied down, possibly-slightly-bored friends. They'll be champing at the bit to hear your tales of derring-do from the frontline of dating, so make sure you've got some good stories to tell, and don't deny them the pleasure of setting you up on dates or suggesting people they think you might like on MSF. 

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