16 Dec 2016

Why Christmas is secretly the best time of year to be single

Category: Features
Author: Karen
Being single at Christmas can feel a little more lonely and difficult than at any other time of the year. Everywhere you look - from TV to the high street - it seems to be wall-to-wall couples and families, all having a lovely festive time, and that's before you even reach Christmas Day itself and the annual grilling from well-meaning relations about your marital status, or lack thereof. However, if you're single at Christmas, you're actually in a very good position to bag yourself someone special to date.

Statistics show that more people join online dating sites around the Christmas period, and there's an especially large spike at the beginning of the new year, with some online dating sites reporting an increase in traffic as high as 350% during that period. This is most likely due to people having more time on their hands during the holidays to join a dating, but it's also likely to be people deciding to make changes to their lives at the start of the new year.


Phillip Hodson, of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, says that the reason for the surge in numbers is down to single people taking stock at the end of another year. He told the Guardian: "Christmas tends to be a period of review and revision, partly because it gives you the chance to observe existing models of relationship - the ones that you have, the ones you want to avoid and the ones you want to emulate.

"It is also the winter pause when you review what has been missing in your life and what you want in it, and a period of great loneliness for people who don't fit into the government-approved vision of family. Many want a crack at feeling better than they did in the preceding 12 months."

Making the decision to get serious about dating might not just be about having lots if spare time. Research from Florida State University have discovered that romance decisions made in winter are done so with more serious intent than during the summer months. Apparently this is due to the winter weather affecting our brains where a chemical 'love' cocktail of neurotransmitters, including oxytocin, dopamine and vasopressin, compel us to try and form new relationships.

Whatever the reason, it seems that Christmas is definitely the season for dating!

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