14 Sep 2016

Why telling the truth on your profile is super important

Category: Features
Author: Karen

If you're trying to make an impression via an online dating profile, the temptation to exaggerate a bit can be pretty big. You only have a bit of writing and a few pictures to attract your dream date, so it might seem like a good idea to dress things up a bit; a couple of inches added to your height here, a subtly massaged job title there, and a few wild, exciting and made-up hobbies chucked in for good measure. It's possible that this might aid you in initially attracting a message exchange and an agreement to meet, but what you need to consider is what will happen when you actually see them in real life.

If you've used an old photo of yourself and now look significantly different or pretended to be a different height than you are, you're going to get busted the second they see you. No one likes to be duped, so you'll be getting the date off to a bad start, and you'll probably both feel rather uncomfortable. If you're serious about looking for a relationship, then it's always going to be in your best interests to tell the truth and show them the real you from the start. If you've pretended that you have a better or different job than you do, or claimed that you go to the gym three times a week when you haven't been for three years, or told them you can speak four languages when you can't, they will find out. At best they'll laugh at you, at worst they'll find it hard to trust you.

It's vital to remember that you're great just as you are and you don't need to finesse your profile with a few untruths to attract dates. The trick to getting those dates is to be proactive. If you see someone who takes your fancy, send them a mail; your personality will shine through your writing and get them hooked, then they'll look at your profile for the details. MSF also gives you the benefit of having your friend describe you - they'll big you up without pretending you're something you're not and they know you and appreciate you already. 

So make sure you tell the truth, because getting caught out in lies is a much more likely way to mess up a date. And remember - you're wonderful just the way you are!

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