06 Dec 2016

Why you're less likely to get ghosted using MSF

Category: Features
Author: Karen
If you're a regular user of dating websites and apps you're probably familiar with the concept of 'ghosting'. It has become such a phenomenon that the Collins English Dictionary announced it as one of its words of 2015 and defines the term as: "ending a relationship by ignoring all communication from the other person." Ghosting, also known as the 'slow fade', has become pervasive throughout the world of dating, much to the dismay of people who are looking for something a little more lasting than a brief hook-up. 

It seems that people find ghosting a lot more difficult to deal with than being told face-to-face that a relationship is over, however painful that type of confrontation can be. Being ghosted leaves you with a lot of unanswered questions and a nagging feeling of lack of closure, whilst having a frank conversation about why a budding relationship fell apart at least lets you know where you stand. Of course, being ghosted will hurt more or less depending on how long you've been seeing someone and will probably barely bother you if you've been on one date, but if you've met up multiple times and things seem to be going well, it can be very confusing. 

The question is, why is ghosting on the rise? It's not entirely a modern phenomenon as people have been able to ignore each other since the dawn of time, and we were able to sit by the phone waiting for it to ring when it still had to be plugged into the wall, but the rise of technology has made it much more common. Dating apps in particular make it easy to treat people as if they're disposable; if you choose whether you want to date someone or not by simply swiping left or right, then you have made no real investment in that person and simply ignoring them when you've had enough won't feel like a big deal. 

This is where dating websites come into their own and prove themselves superior to dating apps. Most apps ask you to make snap decisions about people based pretty much entirely on looks and, even if you do decide to have a closer look at someone, there's barely any information to go on. Dating websites, on the other hand, give you a lot more information about a person so you can get a much more rounded idea about what that person is actually like. MSF is particularly good for this because the information that you're getting comes not just from the single, but also from their friend, giving you more of an objective idea about them. Dating websites also encourage you to build up much more of a connection with someone by sending a few messages back and forth before you meet up, giving you both the chance to become a fully-formed person in the other's mind, rather than merely a picture to be swiped or not. 

So if you're sick of being ghosted and are looking for something longer lasting than a quick hook-up, we recommend you ditch the dating apps and try MSF instead. We've got a great track record with long-term relationships and marriage (you can meet some of our success stories here) and we're always keen to matchmake some more!

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