25 Jul 2016

5 fun things you can do for a fiver

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Author: Karen
You'd be forgiven for thing that there's not much you can do with £5 in 2016, as everything nowadays seems to be so expensive. A £5 note will barely cover a pint of beer or a glass of wine in some parts of the country, and the best you'll get when it comes to a eating out is a couple of pasties from Gregg's. Entertainment? Forget it. A trip to the cinema is beyond the means of a measly fiver and the theatre would laugh in your face. However, if you look in the right places, there are some crafty ways to make the most of your five pounds, and some of them might even change your life!

Have a cheeky bet with a friend

Whilst a fiver might not buy you much in real terms, it's still a decent enough amount to make a bet with a friend worthwhile, and it might just goad you into doing something you wouldn't usually. If your friend sees someone they fancy in a bar, bet them a fiver they won't go and chat them up, and they're bound to make the bet right back at you. Who knows who you might meet? Or you could just bet them that they won't do something utterly ridiculous, like dance on the table, just for the pleasure of laughing at them.

Go to town on your coffee

If you drink coffee every day, you're probably quite careful about what you order for both financial and calorific reasons, perhaps sticking to a flat white, a latte or a plain old Americano. So why not spend a fiver one day going all out on the most exciting double-toffee-frappe-mochaccino with extra syrup, marshmallows and swizzly chocolate stick? You won't regret it, though your colleagues might when you're pinging round the office all morning, pumped up to the eyeballs on caffeine and sugar.


Have an indulgent night in for one

Entertainment for two for just a fiver can be difficult (though it depends what you're doing of course!) but you could use it to pamper yourself pretty successfully. Whether your idea of indulgence is some lovely bath salts, a nice big bar of chocolate or a film downloaded in full HD, you can easily cover it with five English pounds.

Cross the Thames by cable car

Forget the tube, there's a new way to travel! You can take a stately journey across the Thames on the Emirates Air Line, a cable car that runs between Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, providing you with some incredible views of London, as well as the thrill of dangling high above the river. It takes ten minutes to cross and costs £4.50, leaving you 50p to buy a bag of crisps for the journey.

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