10 Oct 2016

Featured Profile: Ben

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Author: Karen
Mysinglefriend.com is stuffed full of lovely people and sometimes we like to pick out a particularly fine specimen of humanity and show them off to you. There are plenty of things that make a profile stand out, but what really makes or breaks a profile is how much someone's personality shines through. However, sometimes the best profiles aren't the ones with a lengthy description - just a few words can say a lot. Our Featured Profile this week is the sporty, funny Ben...

What Stuart had to say about Ben

Ben is an Essex country boy living it up in North East London while working as a vital cog in the media machine of West London. His life spans the vast number of 37 years which provides him with a wealth of experiences to share. He is well educated and knows lots of words and has the capability to read many more. Rather than spending his time lounging around he likes to make the most of his motorised vehicles as he has both a car and a bike. He is enthusiastic about food, travel, and keeping active. Many a Sunday is spent entertaining friends while slaving over a hot stove creating a meaty feast or out for lunch. He has been all around the world trying to find himself but has so far been unsuccessful. Both of us spend many a lunch hour down at the gym unsuccessfully trying to look the bees knees and although he isn't sculpted like he would like to be he is no slouch. He is laid back, occasionally funny and has a serious side. All in all not too bad I hear you say so get in touch.

What Ben had to say about himself...

Well thank you very much Stu. Although what's this 'occasionally funny'? Personally I think I'm hilarious (and I know you do too, come on admit it). Yes it's true, I do spend the odd lunchtime down the gym with Stu and no, we've not reached our goal of looking generally amazing, but never mind, I doubt we ever will. In truth Stuart has got me pretty much spot on there and well, I never knew he cared! Maybe he's just tired of my whinging. So in my 37th year on this planet I think it would be a good thing to fill the girlfriend shaped hole in my life. So here we go!

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