13 Jul 2016

Featured profile: Dan

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Author: Karen
Mysinglefriend.com is stuffed full of lovely people and sometimes we like to pick out a particularly fine specimen of humanity and show them off to you. There are plenty of things that make a profile stand out, but what really makes or breaks a profile is how much someone's personality shines through. However, sometimes the best profiles aren't the ones with a lenghty description - just a few words can say a lot. Our Featured Profile this week is the suave and sophisticated Dan.

What Julia had to say about Dan...

Dan (jokingly, I think/hope) asked me to make some stuff up about him but I can't really see the point. The truth is much better than fiction.

In short, he's interested and interesting.

The long version is that he gets out there and does stuff; and not by halves. He's well-travelled and makes good efforts to learn the local language before he arrives (I can vouch for that; we took Russian classes together and he claims to have a whole shelf of Teach yourself... books). Of course, learning a language would be no use if you didn't actually talk to anyone; Dan talks to everyone. Not in a kind of I'm-drunk-and-will-talk-to-anyone way, more of a I'm-genuinely-interested-in-people way. It's brilliant (unless that sort of thing embarrasses you...).

Dan loves London and soaks up its manifold cultural offerings: art, theatre, music, classes, markets; you know, life. I think he thrives on that kind of thing and would be a little lost without it.

He's charming and considerate but knows his own mind. He's also mightily intelligent AND tall, dark and handsome. He's a textbook eligible chap

As for you, the worst thing that could happen is that he'd take you somewhere lovely and you'd have a fantastic conversation about, you know, everything. And that wouldn't be all that bad, would it?

How Dan responded...

Hidden talent required - juggling, firebreathing, lion-taming, double-jointed etc. All good.

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