Frequently Asked Questions


General Help

How Does MSF work?
MySingleFriend (or as we refer to it, MSF) is a social dating site designed for single people and their friends. You can sign yourself up as a single, browse profiles, see who’s viewed you, read messages, reply via OneLiners and, with a subscription, send full custom messages. Where your friends come in is for your profile description - you can ask friend(s) to write about you and add to your profile. The friend involvement is non-compulsory though and you don’t need it in order to get your profile live - it just saves you the hassle of having to write about yourself!
Or, a friend can start the process - if your Single friend needs a bit of a push, you can sign them up to MSF and write their profile, ready for them to approve. Friends can also browse profiles and recommend them to their Single friend.
Why Should I Join MSF Over Other Dating Sites?
We’re the only dating site that actively involves your friends! Your friends can be your online wingmen or matchmakers and will ‘sell’ you better on your profile than you could alone. It’s also fun and takes the pressure off singles having to describe themselves.
Can More Than One Friend Describe Me?
Yes! You can ask as many friends as you’d like to describe you which allows you to pick and choose between the one you feel suits you the best. You can switch between descriptions quickly and easily through ‘Edit profile’.
Getting In a Pickle With Registration?
If you’re having trouble getting started, send the lovely MSF Customer Service team an email with all the details to
My Friend (Wingman) Hasn’t Received Their Registration Email?
If you’ve invited friends to be your wingmen but they haven’t received their registration email, ask them to check their Junk folder and ‘Social’ & ‘Promotions’ folders if they’re using Gmail, as it may have been misplaced there.
If they still can’t find it, ask them to email us at with the email address you registered them with and the email address you used to register on the site with.
My Friend (Wingman) Hasn’t Left A Description – Can I Ask Someone Else?
If your wingman is letting you down and is too busy (or just too plain lazy!) to write your description, you can easily ask another friend to help you out. Ask one of your friends by going to your ‘Friends’ section and clicking ‘Request description’ -  this will send them an email asking them to describe you. If you’re using the App, you can choose to ask your friends via email, SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook!
Why Are Some Features Available On The Web/Mobile But Not On The App And Vice Versa?
The app has been specifically designed for quick use on the move, whereas the traditional web offering is more tailored for browsing on a computer. Most features are available across all platforms, however features such as Veto are only on the App. Rest assured though, we are constantly reviewing platform features for future development.

Login Help

I’ve Forgotten My Login Details
Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Just follow the ‘Forgotten login details’ link to reset your password. If you’re using the App, click ‘login’ and once you’ve entered your email address, click ‘forgot password’ and we’ll help you out.
How Do I Change My Password?
To change your password you’ll need to be logged in.
On the web/mobile:
1.       Go to ‘My Profile & Settings’ and then ‘Account Settings’
2.       You can enter your new password here and click ‘Update’.
If you’re using the App:
1.       Go to ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the menu and then ‘Account Settings’
2.       You can change your password here and click ‘Save’ to update it.

Profile Help

Why Do I Have To Use My Real Name?
We believe that real names, rather than made up usernames (that you're bound to forget every time you log in) are better for everyone on the site. Honesty is always the best policy.
How Do I Make Changes To My Introduction / Response?
If you’re on the web/mobile, you can edit your profile and update your introduction and response through ‘My Profile and Settings’.
If you’re using the App, click on your profile picture at the top of the main menu - this takes you through to your profile. In the top right hand corner you will see the ‘Edit’ button. Edit profile is a 6 step process which takes you through the different parts of your profile one by one. You can skip between sections by clicking on the number at the top and your answers will save as you go - you can change your description at ‘5’ and edit your response to your friends description at ‘6’.
How Are The Search Results Ordered?
The profiles that appear at the top of your search are those that have recently been online and active. Logging in will drive your profile to the top of search, so we recommend logging in frequently to make yourself more visible to other users.
Will Someone Know If they’ve been Vetoed (App only) By My Friend?
No, it’s completely anonymous so only you and your friend will be able to see it. Vetoing a profile helps your friends steer you away from possibly making the same mistakes you’ve made in the past!
Will Someone Know If I’ve ‘Liked’ Them?
Yes -  all likes can be seen in the ‘Likes’ section. Depending on their notification preferences, the person you’ve liked may receive an email or a push notification on the app.
Why are not all the profiles I have liked appearing in my ‘Likes’ section?
If you think someone is missing from this list, it's likely that they are no longer online and have removed their profile. If you have any questions about this just drop us an email on and we'll be glad to help!
Will Someone Know If I’ve Bookmarked Them?
No - only you can see your bookmarks so people won’t know if you’ve added them to your list. Bookmarking is only available on the web/mobile so we recommend that you like or message profiles you like as well as bookmarking, to let them know you’re interested!
Will Someone Know When I’ve Sent Them A Message?
Yes -  they’ll be able to see they have a new message in their Inbox when they log in to MySingleFriend. Depending on how they’ve set their preferences, they could receive an email to let them know they have a new message or they could receive a push notification on the app.

Photo Help

Photo Guidelines
Your profile photo is the most important part of your dating profile. It’s the first thing people see so make sure it’s a good one!
We recommend it to be a close up, face and shoulders shot; leave it to your additional photos to show off your many talents and holiday snaps. People aren’t drawn to moody, unhappy faces so make sure that you smile! We do allow profile pictures of you wearing sunglasses but just bear in mind that people will want to see your face, so make sure you add some additional photos where you’re not wearing any.
Try to avoid blurry, poorly lit photos and make sure the photo is a good size (over 640x640 pixels); there’s only so much we can do with our editing tools and we want your profile to show you at your best. 
Please don’t post any copyrighted photos, photos with children or photos showing guns or knives; these will be removed by one of our team.
Additional Photos
You can add up to nine additional photos to your profile once we’ve approved your primary photo. Try to make sure your photos do a good job of representing your personality and showcasing your hobbies and interests by adding a variety. Good photos can be a conversation starter and help break the ice if you spark a common interest.
I Can’t Upload My Photo!
Photos are best uploaded in the following formats - jpg, jpeg, gif or png. Be sure to upload a good size photo (over 640x640 pixels) so you look your best on all platforms.
If it’s in the right format and you're still having issues uploading it, the size may be the issue (and none of us like that!). Email it over to the lovely MSF Customer Service team at and they’ll see what they can do to help. Remember to include the email address you’re registered on the site with so we know we’re uploading the photo onto the right profile!
My Friend Has Added A Photo, Why Isn’t It Showing On My Profile?
We know that friends can be a little mischievous sometimes, so to make sure you’re happy with the photo they’ve uploaded for you, we ask that you approve it first. This can be done easily on the web/mobile in the ‘My Photos’ section in ‘My Profile & Settings’. It will only show in your profile once you’ve approved it.
Unfortunately you can’t upload photos for friends through the app just yet, but if you log into web/mobile you’ll be able to do this by going to ‘My Photos’ in ‘My Profile & Settings’.

Subscription Help

What Are The Differences Between Members and Subscribers?
As a free member (limited account) you can:
  • Have a live profile on the site which is visible to other singles
  • Search and browse singles on the site
  • View profiles and Like those that catch your eye to see if they Like you back.
  • Your friends can recommend profiles to you, and if you're using the app you can also send and receive vetoes between friends; helping each other steer clear of dating mistakes.
  • Read messages and, if your profile is complete, you can send quick replies. You won’t be able to send a custom reply unless you are a subscriber with a complete profile.
  • On the web/mobile, you can also bookmark profiles and make notes on profiles you like. You will be able to see who’s viewed your profile however this feature isn’t available on the app (yet!).
As a Subscriber you can:
  • Receive and read messages. If your profile is complete you can reply to messages on the site.
  • You are still a member so you can do all the other things on the site with the added bonus of chatting to singles!
If you are subscribed but your profile is incomplete, you will not be allowed to reply to any messages until you complete your profile.

What is the difference between having a complete vs. an incomplete profile?
If your profile is incomplete, it will be hidden from the site and it will not be seen by other MySingleFriend members. You will not be allowed to like other user’s profiles and you won’t be able to send messages.
With an incomplete profile you will be allowed to search and browse other profiles on the site, bookmark other users and read any messages you receive.
If your profile is complete, you will have access to all the sites features and you can read and send quick replies to all messages. If you are a subscriber you can also send custom replies to messages.  

Our web subscription rates are:
  • £10 for 1 week
  • £28 for 1 month
  • £55 for 3 months (£18.33 per month)
  • £79 for 6 months (£13.17 per month)
Our app subscription rates are:
  • £9.99 for 1 week
  • £27.99 for 1 month
  • £54.99 for 3 months (£18.33 per month)
  • £79.99 for 6 months (£13.33 per month)
Will My Payment Be Automatically Renewed?
Yes -  your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your payment period. It’s easy to cancel this at any time through your account as long as it’s 24hrs before the next payment.
How do I cancel my subscription?
If you’ve paid through web/mobile, you can cancel through one of the following options:
  1. Log in to your account on and go to ‘My Profile & Settings’ then ‘Payments and Subscriptions’.
  2. Or, you can send the lovely MSF Customer Service team an email at and they can cancel it for you.
Payments made through the app are handled by the iTunes Store and therefore they must be cancelled through them. You can cancel your subscription like this:
  • Go to your iPhone Settings.
  • Then click ‘iTunes & App Store’ and tap on your Apple ID.
  • Select ‘View Apple ID’ and ‘Subscriptions’. You can cancel your subscription through ‘Manage’.
Unfortunately, the MSF Customer Service team are NOT able to cancel auto-renewal agreements set up through the iTunes Store so only iTunes customer services will be able to help you. 
Gift Subscriptions
You can encourage your Single Friend to start dating by purchasing a ‘one off’ gift subscription for them.  This payment will not be automatically renewed when the payment period ends. Gift subscriptions can only be made on the web/mobile at the present time via a Friend account  - it’s not available on the app currently. If you pay whilst logged in via a Single account, the payment will be auto-renewed.
Can I Have A Refund?
If you cancel your subscription within 14 days of your order, we use the following rules to determine the validity and amount of any refund:
  • If you have not used the service:
    • We will refund your subscription in full.
  • If you have used the service*:
    • Subscriptions of 1 month or more - we will calculate the days used at a daily rate of £1.43 (based on the 7 day rate of £10) and refund the difference.
    • Subscriptions of less than 1 month - No refund entitlement.
*The definition of service use is where you have sent a custom message using the site's internal messaging system.
If you paid through the App:
Unfortunately the MSF Customer Service team are unable to issue refunds for payments made through the App as payments are handled by the iTunes Store. All refunds are governed by the iTunes Store refund policy and must be dealt with by iTunes Customer Services.


For our advice and online dating tips, head over to the ‘Advice’ section on our blog.
What do you write about on the blog?
Our blog gives loads of great dating advice and tips, it shows you the hottest profiles to check out in ‘Profile of the Week’ and also posts ‘Success Stories’ of couples who have met on the site. It’s updated regularly and has all the latest news on competitions, offers and events.  Click here to check it out.
Any time you go out and meet strangers in a bar, restaurant or pub you will naturally be aware that you need to be mindful of your safety. Meeting someone from MySingleFriend is no different, however, an introduction through this site does give you the opportunity to message or talk to someone before meeting them, ask any questions you may have, and plan a date safely… so yes, dating online can offer you a safer option.
The message system at this site is an anonymous and safe place to chat. No-one will know your real email address or personal details as long as you have made sure they are not featured in your profile, and you are careful not to publish them in a message to someone.
For our advice on dating safely, please see our ‘Safety section’. If you have any further queries or concerns email us at and we’d be happy to help.
Is MSF recognised and approved by the Online Dating Association (ODA)?
Yes. We are members of the Online Dating Association which was set up to ensure high standards of behaviour by dating service providers serving the UK. The ODA Code of Practice sets down standards that all member dating sites are required to meet.

Contact Us

If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, email the lovely MSF Customer Service team and they’ll be happy to help. Please include the email address you’ve registered on the site with in any correspondence: