MySingleFriend Reviews

We are lucky to hear from hundreds of people a week who have met someone through mysinglefriend, and, seeing as we're responsible for at least 2 weddings every week of the year, we are proud of our work, and of our members too.

We'd like to thank all ex-MSFers who keep in touch with us; here's a selection of just some of the fantastic feedback we've received recently. To add your comments please email us on


"This is the best dating site I have experienced, over three years, - and I am in a very happy relationship because of the site. Without exception, all of my dates were as described,- and I think you have a winning formula!"

Merry, 38, Cambridge


"I was dead against online dating and my friend gave me one months subscription as Christmas present and this has been a wonderful experience. There were so many hotties it was difficult to narrow it down to one. But I did manage to meet one that made my heart skip a beat."

Chris, 40, Malvern


"I think with the need for an introduction by a friend it gives your site a more honest approach and ultimately a class above any other site."

Neil, 40, Humberside


"My single friend is a very worthwhile website...thank you very much for the giving me the opportunity of meeting someone very special."

Noel, 58, Birmingham


"I met my now fiancee Vicky on MSF in July 2011 and we are looking forward to our wedding in July 2014. Many thanks for helping us find each other."

Richard, 32, Ipswich


"A great website and you gave me lots of help and advice."

Katherine, 32, Bournemouth


"Laura and I are getting married on July 5 in Nottingham. If any of your staff are around, come and join the fun :-) Oh, and thank you - from us both!"

Anthony, 28, Sheffield


"Met a lovely girl on here, going well so far so we're both coming off the site! Thanks for the matchmaking!"

Alex, 33, London


"I found the site to be great, a lot of fun and I met some really nice people on here along the way. I believe the whole experience increased my belief in myself when it comes to dating."

Neil, 39, Manchester


"Best dating site around, attracts good people."

Daniel, 33, Farnborough


"I thought this was an excellent site full of genuine guys."

Lexy, 30, Hackney


"Excellent website and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it."

Rob, 27, Lambeth


"Great site - first place I'd come back to if I needed to."

Tom, November 2012


"I really enjoyed being on MSF, I got chatting to some lovely guys and had some equally lovely dates."

Heather, November 2012


"Excellent website and best among online dating."

Lisa, November 2012


"One of the better sites as always full of genuine people!"

Ben, November 2012


"It is a great website...lets hope I am not back...for the right reasons!"

Oliver, November 2012


"Great way of meeting other singles."

Steven, November 2012


"Thank you for making me realise that not all London men are shy!"

Bianca, November 2012


"I love that you have a friendly, informal team who I can email with any questions and they respond immediately and treat you like a friend. Thank you."

Christine, November 2012


"Thank you MSF! I think I've found the man I've been searching for all these years - it really was love at first sight and I never believed in that before!"

Ali, November 2012


"YAY! Sooooo happy!"

Dan, Novermber 2012


"Am delighted, you have to work at it and keep favouriting people but it does work! Thank you."

Clare, November 2012


"Met the best guy on your site. Thank you!"

Anne, October 2012 


"Love the MSF staff: really friendly and supportive."

Maria, October 2012


"Fantastic site and very happy that I managed to find someone through the site"

Mark, October 2012


"I'm leaving because I have met someone who is absolutely lovely.... Thanks MSF! Your simple but effective format works extremely well, so I will be signing up my single friend very shortly."

Sam, October 2012


"My Single Friend is a great way of meeting the love of your life"

Steve, September 2012


"Excellent and easy to use site"

Darren, September 2012


"Met some fantastic people through this site, keep up the good work - I'll definitely recommend MSF to other singles"

 Charlotte, September 2012


"Met her - moved to New Zealand with her! And it all started here..."

Robert, September 2012


"Really impressed by the site and was very sceptical when I first joined’"

Charlotte, September 2012


"I loved being a part of your site. It was friendly, accessible and I felt it was much less of a cattle market than some other sites’"

Alison, September 2012


"The new improved site was much easier to use" 

Tara, September 2012


“I love your website, it's so friendly and easy to use plus you get a real insight of the people who are on it, a great concept."

Rachael, August 2012


“Fab site and the most genuine of all the dating sites! Great customer service! So fast and friendly!”

Paul, August 2012


“I haven't experience any other dating site but I've found this to be really good and have recommended it to friends. Particularly as I've met a really nice guy and have been seeing him for several months. Thanks”

Julie, August 2012


“I was worried about internet dating, but I found this website great. All the men I chatted to and have met have been trustworthy. I love the way that friends write the profiles, it's more helpful to read what the friends say, than people themselves. But, thank you I think I have met one very kind and special man!”

Karent, August 2012


"Only dating website I had confidence in using, a positive experience for me, but hopefully I won't be back!"

Joanna, August 2012


"Exellent website. Met an amazing girl on this website. Shortly moving in together."

Mark, July 2012


"Thanks- I have met someone who is intensely amazing."

Ella, July 2012


"Hi MSF, I met Tom now nearly a year ago through MSF and as I am thinking about this wonderful year I thought it was time to remove my profile! Thanks." 

Delphine, June 2012


"A good service and lots of helpful advice. secure and responsible. chatted to some lovely guys."

Nicola, June 2012 


"My Single Friend is brilliant. Met lots of lovely people - including the person I am now dating. Thank-you, My Single Friend! :)"

Ceri-lyn, June 2012


"Got lucky with the first person I met. Only took 2 dates with the same person and we're exclusive. Thank you!!"

Wendy, June 2012


"I really like the idea of a friend writing the profile. I also feel that I could trust this site and will turn to it again.....if ever I need to. Thank you!"

Laurie, June 2012


"Thank you so much for bringing us together. It's a great website!"

Arthur, June 2012


"I met a great guy on MySingleFriend.  We've been dating for 6 months now and really happy. Thank you, MSF"

Sarah, June 2012


"Thanks for introducing me to a great guy!"

Hannah, May 2012


I was just looking up my old profile to get ideas for the speeches. I met my boyfriend through MSF in June 2009. We're getting married in August and I couldn't be happier!”

Lizzie, May 2012


“Having been on another dating site with not much luck in meeting someone, I was recommended MSF by a friend. After a few months of using the site, I eventually met up with a lovely girl from Birmingham. I have now been dating her for over a month and things are looking promising. So thanks to MSF for putting us both in contact - watch this space...”

Mark, May 2012


“Much better than any other site and better priced. would recommend.”

Matthew, May 2012


“I like this site it is simple to use, feels caring and safe and like you'd actually meet someone nice and normal -which can't be said for other site I've tried!”

Nicola, May2012


“Thank you to the MSF team. Your customer service was A-class.”

Sally, May 2012


“I have met the love of my life!!!”

Lauren, May 2012


“Probably the most reliable dating service for meeting likeminded, nice, British people!”

 Chris, May 2012


"Simply the best website to meet someone special"

Gary, May 2012


“Thanks guys! Have met someone wonderful all thanks to this site. Best money I ever spent :)”

Jonathon, May 2012


“I'll send Sarah Beeny a piece of wedding cake as a thank you!!!!”

 Andrew, April 2012


“Excellent site and I think the personal bios written by friends work very well and seemed to be very accurate. Met some really wonderful women via the site and one that already has become very special”

 Nick, April 2012


“Love the fact you can have a look at profiles without it being obvious, and no IM... which I find way too intrusive... would definitely recommend the site to other single friends!”

Helen, April 2012


“Hit the jackpot first time!!! Thankyou!”

 Alice, April 2012


“Very impressed good calibre of people.”

Jemma, April 2012


“Fantastic site. I've been dating the first man I met on here for the last 6 weeks. Who knows we could be one of your success stories! Thanks so much”

 Catriona, April 2012


“Great idea for a dating site - you feel less strange as you don't have to sell yourself, your friend does it for you!”

 Gita, March 2012 


"Good luck everyone!"

Jessica, September 2011

"Anthony from Billericay (47) is engaged to Yvonne from Stirling (32) when neither thought they could find such complete happiness."

Anthony, September 2011

"OK, so I have met a lovvvvely gentleman through MSF. He really is just wonderful. What a match/catch!!

He even pretended to propose to me by hanging an imaginary sign from Edinburgh Castle apparently saying 'Jacqueline... MARRY ME!' - Although this and the proposal still appear rather imaginary, he is very romantic! 

Well done guys!

Jacqs x"

Jacqueline, September 2011


"Met someone lovely through msf. Cross fingers!"

Tom, September 2011

"yes we are getting married ........... when we stop arguing!!!!"

Paula, September 2011


"I found a top girl"

Richard, September 2011

"I never dreamed I'd find anybody who embraced my quirks as Klaus has. He is a truly special person and i feel blessed to have found him through MSF. Thankyou!"

Shivanii, September 2011


"Good work guys,

Met a lovely lady thanks to your site. I will be fully recommending your site to single friends! 

Keep it up."

Ben, September 2011

"I've snogged a few frogs in the process but have ,as cheesy as it sounds, finally found my prince - thanks msf!"

Nicola, September 2011

"It's taken a couple of years and I've met some great people on here. I've finally found someone who I get on with so well and I wasn't expecting it at all. 

Some feedback for the msf team, I kept coming back because this site is by far the most user-friendly and none-"price gouging" of all the dating websites. Being able to end a subscription without going through telephone conversations with pushy call-centre people, view pictures and seeing who's read your email without having to pay for every single function on the site is a breath of fresh air...keep it up!"

Justin, September 2011

"I met a guy on here in 5 days. he was warm, witty, thoughtful and AMAZING. I think I met my soulmate."

Jennie, September 2011

"I've met a great guy through this site. Thank you mysinglefriend for making it easy."

Frances, September 2011

"It works!"

Derek, September 2011

"it's been a fun, if slightly strange, journey :-) x"

Nikki, September 2011

"Thank you, have met a really top bloke, result!!"

Debbie, September 2011


"Keep going and you will meet Mr Right !"

Paula, September 2011


"I wasn't really convinced online dating was for me. I'd dipped in and out of different sites over the last year but always found each them either too in your face or pretty cringey. I liked the relaxed approach of MSF and after a couple of unsuccessful months of being a bit too picky i started being more open to chatting with different people. After a couple of long distance relationships in the past, I had been fairly certain about only wanting to meet someone locally but when a lovely man from Brighton (I'm from Edinburgh) got in touch and I read his profile, I soon realised he was exactly what I was looking for. 3 months on its going great, taking it in turns to visit one another in our respective cities plus a road trip or two. We're both really happy and have already talked about a future together which feels really great. Thanks MSF"

Diana, September 2011


"This is a great site, the people are normal and the guy I have been dating is FIT and nice. Bonus. Definitely easiest, least intimidating, best value for money dating site on the web. Thanks MSF. x"

Clara, September 2011


"Met the most wonderful lady on here. Together three months now. So far so good!

Cheers guys."

Leon, September 2011


"Fab site and felt safe...."

Natalie, September 2011


"I have met the love of my life - so it can happen. Good luck and keep at it!"

Sabrina, September 2011


"Great service and a goldmine of hot girls"

Jim, September 2011


"I met my boyfriend on the site - had a ball going on a few dates and one stuck. It's been almost a year and a half and, without trying to sound too cliché, we're both really happy. Thanks MSF! X"

Jamie, September 2011


"I was initially sceptical about internet dating, but I found a great guy - or at least, he found me. We've been together for more than three months now and it's all going well, thanks very much!"

Lynne, September 2011

"If you're thinking about joining STOP and DO IT NOW best thing I ever did, now the happiest man in the world!!!!!"

Nick, September 2011


"Very good website and better than most, with family/friends reviewing a person you are getting in touch with - an original idea which helped me meet someone very special.

Only encouragement to MSFers is patience, as it will happen, it could be tomorrow or in a years time, but that special person will come along..."

Philip, September 2011


"I've met the man i want to grow old with xx"

Caz, September 2011


"Trust this site! Be patient! You never know what's round the corner....or who's just added you as a favourite!"

Kaye, September 2011


"Hi all you MSFers I found Natalie, she is perfect and we have just come back from a weeks romantic holiday in Malta. We have been together now for 3 months and its time to say goodbye to this site, I have found the girl for me..good luck to all still looking for that special companion there is someone out there for you.

Keep the faith Andy x"

Andy, September 2011


"Well, it worked for me, eventually!"

Paul, September 2011


"Go for it!"

Tony, August 2011


"After 50 something MSF dates.... I have finally found one....."

Trudie, August 2011


"I would just like to say how refreshing your approach to internet dating is. Having friends write a profile makes everyone seem somehow more human than on other dating sites. 

I have been fortunate to meet someone from Cardiff who followed your advice and widened their search all the way to London. It's through her favouriting me and then being bold enough to make the first move, together with the wonderful conversations we had through the messages and on the phone, that we are together now.

I think it's fair to say that we that we were made for each other after getting on amazingly from day one! Now we've just got the conundrum of working out who moves to which city for us to be together all the time.
Danny and Tracy"

Danny, August 2011


"I had a really brilliant time dating on my single friend, everyone I met I was genuinely happy to have met. x"

Elinor, August 2011


"Great site - thanks again"

Nikki, August 2011


"Site was really great, easy to use and I met someone lovely :-)"

Ian, August 2011


"Met a great guy very happy. Give MSF a try great way to meet the Love of your life"

Katie, August 2011


"Great site. I met someone great"

Dylan, August 2011


"Hey MSF-ers. I got bullied by my best friend and her husband into onto MSF after a few failed attempts at meeting the man of my dreams in the pub! Within the first week, I was added to someone's favourites, had a look at his profile and thought he looked nice. After chatting online for a while, we swapped numbers and then later met for our first date. It was a fabulous success, as we already knew so much about each other, so we just hit it off and 5 months later we're still going strong! Thanks to MSF I now have a lovely man in my life :). Note to all MSF-ers. You may have not met the man or lady of your dreams yet, but with MSF you can realistically find someone with similar interests and maybe.....the one!"

Laura, August 2011


"I hope I won't be back! It's been wonderful!"

Alexandra, August 2011


"Fantastic, I'd have never joined up to online dating if it wasn't for a friend of mine who set me up on your site. It's such a great idea. I've never been a fan of writing about myself or trying to 'big' myself up......I just let my friend do it for me! It takes the stress and the worry out of actually doing it....seeing as I had no idea until i saw your email saying my profile required authorisation!!

Well, it appears to have done the trick! I met someone on here, we have done the whole dating thing and we're certainly going in the right direction! =)

Many thanks! =)"

Andrew, August 2011


"It didn't take me long to basically find the male version of myself...perfect, ha,ha! Off having w/end adventures with that certain someone & who knows what will happen next :D"

Catherine, August 2011


"I was not expecting to meet anyone, my friends persuaded me to give it a go and it all feels very surreal because I have found an amazing man I now call my boyfriend!"

Vicky, August 2011

"It works, but sometimes takes a while.
Keep trying, never give up. The site is full of hotties!"

Daniel, August 2011


"2nd time lucky..... could get expensive if I keep taking myself off because I've found someone special! hehe. Thanks"

Angel, August 2011


"Enjoyed using the site..very different to any other sites."

Ela, August 2011


"I'm so pleased with the website! I got a chance to chat with and meet some really lovely blokes and while the sparks weren't there with everyone, it only takes one person to change everything! It didn't happen right away, but when it did, it was so easy, the emails flowed, then a few cheeky phone calls and by the time we met we knew we had both found the right person. To all those looking, keep at it! x"

Sarah, August 2011


"Nick and I first dated 4 years ago. It didn't work out at then, but timing is an amazing thing and we got back in touch recently to a much better outcome."

Kate, August 2011


"Loved the site, very grown up compared to other sites. Lots of people have said the same thing. well done :-)"

Scott, August 2011


"Just wanted to say thanks for running a great site that I still believe is the best amongst its competitors for finding intelligent and interesting young professionals. I have friends on other dating sites who don't seem to meet the quality of people that I did in my time on MSF. 

I joined MSF a while ago and used it off and on - I met one guy who went on to be my boyfriend for 2 years and although that ended I knew MSF was the place to go when I was ready to start dating again.... and it's worked a second time! Toby and I have been together 6 months and could not be more happy :) (Maybe I'll get in touch a little down the line if I have any more news to share!) 

Although it took a while in between relationships to find that 'spark', I never once had an unpleasant date. I certainly hope not to need your services again but I recommend you to anyone thinking about dipping a toe in the internet dating pool! 

My advice is that you get in exactly what you put out - don't expect people to come to you but be proactive in getting in touch with people you like....the worst that can happen is they don't reply or say no, but nothing ventured nothing gained!"

Julia, August 2011


"Great site, great idea for friends to introduce others who might not consider internet dating. Makes for a much better class of people, and overall dating experience. In short, it's not Match. 

Match = Scummy town on a Friday night. 
MSF = Sitting by the river on a warm summer's night, supping a drink and enjoying good company. 

Think that says it all. :)"

Mike, August 2011


"Thanks MSF - have met the most amazing guy - without you our paths would never have crossed in a million years!"

Louise, August 2011


"Keep on truckin'"

Chris, August 2011


"Met someone on here - great stuff."

Danny, August 2011


"She's Lovely! It's early days and we're still getting to know eachother, but can't thank you enough! Wish Us Luck!!! :D"

Keith, August 2011


"Great site and has certainly worked for me. Thank you so much."

Rob, August 2011


"Met the best guy & I'm happy :-)"

Jeanna, August 2011


"Many thanks!"

Richie, August 2011


"I will definitely keep you posted but at moment I am a very happy man having met my beautiful girlfriend Alize.

Watch this space guys. :-)"

James, August 2011


"Site was fab, met a lovely chap who I am moving in with ... thankyou very much!!"

Alison, August 2011


"Thank you very much"

Tracey, August 2011

"Have met a wonderful lady thanks to this website, now looking forward to the rest of my life - Thank You!!"

Trevor, August 2011

"Thank you all very much, it has been a super experience for me. Met the man of my dreams."

Julie, August 2011


Met a girl called Andrea Webb through the site and everything is going ace!
Thanks x"

Mark, August 2011


"Great new man is hot! Thanks!"

Lou, August 2011

"It's only been a few dates but things seem to be going well so far. Well enough for me not to want to see anyone else so that's why I've taken the decision to remove my profile from this website."

Tom, August 2011


"Great site, keep up the good work!"

Lawrence, July 2011


"Only went on 2 dates, now going out with the 2nd girl! Happened very quickly!"

Cameron, July 2011


"it took a while but i've met the most wonderful man on msf and we are really happy together, thanks msf!"

Angela, July 2011


"Great news, through MSF I met my now fiancée Polly, two years ago. We are getting married in a months time. Was very impressed with the site.

Chris, July 2011


"Great site, great results"

Lesley, July 2011


"Met an amazing guy. Thanks so much!"

Carly, July 2011


"I was looking for quality and i found it.
Thank you MSF"

Joel, July 2011


"I've met the one and only on here... Never expected that one bit! Thank you and good night!"

Rob, July 2011


"I met a total hunk on MSF, very true to his profile and one of the most gentlemanly men I have ever met! Clever, ambitious and outdoors type, honestly think this site is the way forward. Forget chancing meeting a nice guy on a night out, life is too short to play a waiting game! Turns out his best mate is my managers husband! Talk about fate!...... It could be your turn next!!!!"

Amanda, July 2011


"It took time and a lot of effort, but I've finally met someone brilliant who I would've never crossed paths with in everyday life. I'm really hopeful for the future and it's time to part company with MSF and see where we go!"

Russell, July 2011

"I met a lovely guy on MSF, known him for 3 weeks and officially together now! shocked I met someone so nice and so soon ;0) I hope my 3 single friends on my profile finds someone as nice as my one!"

Ashley, July 2011

"it does work!"

Lu, July 2011


"Thanks MSF! Met a gorgeous, fun, funny and feisty lady so i have high hopes for the future. My only piece of advice for others is stick with it: it took quite a few dates and 9 months to find what i hope is the right one!"

Chris, July 2011


"Hi, met the man of my dreams on this site and ironically he only lives across the fields! Thank you for the introduction and opportunity."

Sarah, July 2011


"I think I got unusually lucky. I joined up January 2011, send out a few messages. Went on my first date February, which turned into a second, third and so on. One date with the first response I got... no looking back! It's about time too."

Tobias, July 2011


"This site is so well done, you should develop a North American version as well! My first few dates didn't quite click but third time was the charm..."

Lindsay, July 2011


"I've met a lovely man on the site!"

Julie, July 2011


"Met a lovely girl called Sarah through MSF and although early days things are going really well. Having recently started up my own business I have had little opportunity to meet new people so after inital reluctance I decided to give msf a whirl. I would now throughly recommend it to anyone (and have) as there is absolutely no downside to having the opportunity to meet new people. The worlds changing, wake up people!"

Alec, July 2011


"I met my lovely boyfriend through MSF over 9 months ago and am pleased to report that things are going great between us! Would thoroughly recommend MSF to all the singles out there. xxx"

Vanessa, July 2011


"well worth the effort - glad i finally listened to my friends' advice! if you are looking for love, try this site- you have nothing to lose! good luck!"

Amrita, July 2011


"Maybe it was just fate....I've been on MSF less than a month and have maybe found the prefect match! for that I thank you MSF especially as you were the very last website I was planning on ever trying! MSF has certainly been the very best experience in terms of being user friendly, genuine and affordable."

Pascale, July 2011


"I found the site very refreshing and am very happy to say that I have met someone special through MSF."

Tara, July 2011


"I was on MSF for around 2 months before I saw Alec's profile. He sent me a message and I just had to pay up to write back to him. We've been going out for a month now and he's a total star!"

Sarah, July 2011


"Met a lovely lady. Just keeping my fingers crossed, but thanks for the intro :)"

Mark, July 2011


"I have found this experience fun and a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people, i would definitely recommend this site."

Kathryn, July 2011


"Very happy with a lovely man I met on your site, thank you!"

Kelly, July 2011


"I've found someone amazing, this site is great!!"

Annaliisa, July 2011


"Really good site, perhaps had too much fun!"

Jonathan, July 2011


"only been on the site 1 month and found myself a cool guy..were now boyfriend and girlfriend..amazin!!"

Marianne, July 2011


"Its been a bunch of fun."

Sean, July 2011