6 June 2022

We sent messages back and forward and I then asked her out. I wanted to take her to a Games Cafe for our first date but when we got there it was fully booked, so we had to settle for a coffee shop. It didn't matter though, we hit it off really well and we arranged to meet up again. When we did I bought her jelly beans to make up for the ones she missed out in the Games Cafe. Apparently this won her heart and we had our first kiss. After 9 months of dating (through the pandemic) she moved in with me. 3 months later we bought our first house and 3 months after that, I proposed and she said yes. In October 2021 we got married and are very happy together. She already has two grown up children, one of which had a baby 2 days after our wedding! In 2 years I went from being completely single to being a proud (step) grandad! We are now planning moving out to the country to own a smallholding and set up a family business.