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Online: More than 6 months ago

Modified: 19 October 2005

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Country of origin:
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Clitheroe, Lancashire, England
Star sign:
6' 1" (185cm)
Body type:
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Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage
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Christian / Other

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In His Own Words

About him

Profession: QA & Technical Support

About his ideal match

What His Friends Say

polly said...

This will be such a gushing recommendation that someone as self-deprecating as Clive could never have written it himself!

My friend Clive has so many quirky and varied facets to his personality that its way too easy to end up talking to him for hours. I do know that he has a wide appreciation of music,a huge general knowledge (spanning all from military history through to monty python!), a startling intelligence, a quick sometimes surreal sense of humour and an impressive repertoire of sketches and jokes!

Among his charming idiosyncracies are an unfounded lack of self confidence, all the traits of a typical Scorpio, a tendency towards deep reflection and an ability to drag anyone out of the foulest of moods just by being caring and making them smile. From a purely girly point of view he's great because he restores one's faith in the existence of a genuine man capable of falling in love and he will always give you an honest answer or opinion. Thrown in with someone intelligent, giving, genuine and enthusiastic who can appreciate his delightfully random sense of humour Clive would shine.

On the other hand, someone self-orientated or negatively minded would only encourage his tendency towards reticence and self-deconstruction. Someone who adores the exchange of talking, listening, understanding and sharing a laugh with a man who never fails to surprise me could get a lot out of Clive.

More importantly, I would get to see my (God knows why) single friend on constant top form and appreciated and cared for by someone special. I'm 20 years old, Clive is one of my closest friends, and it's one of life's great mysteries why he's currently single! I'm not holding my breath for an attractive woman of a similar age who smokes vanilla tobacco, drinks pints of Mild, gets up at 6 am and can stomach as many episodes of Lost or CSI as him, but if you come anywhere close you'd be lucky lucky lucky as I am to get to know someone like Clive.

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