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Online: More than 6 months ago

Modified: 23 June 2006

About him

Country of origin:
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Camden, London, England
Star sign:
6' 1" (185cm)
Body type:
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Eye colour:
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Marital status:
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Looking for:
Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage
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Daily diet:
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In His Own Words

About him

Profession: Vague

About his ideal match

What His Friends Say

Ed said...

Ollie is one of the greatest men alive. Seriously. If you knew him - which you probably don't yet - you'd agree. Everyone else we know does. (I imagine everyone else he knows does, too, but I can't prove that.) I wish you could show crossings out in type. I've just rewritten what was to be the next sentence over and over again trying to do justice to what I think of Ollie and I keep on ending up just wanting to give him a big big hug. He's brilliant. Really really really brilliant.

And he's always brilliant, too. He's always everything you could possibly want from a friend (and the same is true of him as a boyfriend, so I'm told). The guy's a legend. Let him buy you dinner. Better yet, buy him dinner - you'll be pleased you did, and it will be a more entertaining and thoroughly inspiring evening than ANYTHING else you could have done that evening. (And he doesn't eat much and is very easily fed.) Such is the easy-going loveliness that is Ollie.

Gosh I wish I was gay. Or Ollie.

Ollie lives in the coolest flat in London. Not cool as in "look at me I wear pinstripe suits" cool, but cool as in a welcoming, friendly, happy, sensible, profoundly good place to go. And he has awesome parties.

He comes from Dorset where he can be found every September picking apples in the family orchard for the local cider producers. Many of the girls who meet Ollie hope that he'd be big in cider, but only a lucky few learn that that is just one of his his many talents. (You have now passed the funniest joke.)

He's also a filmmaker of grand repute, a cowboy, a whale, a model, a writer, a musician, and the owner of wit.

A tip to handling Ollie, if you'd like some solid directions: he's terrible at seizing his opportunity. If he's hesitating to kiss you, kiss him. If he doesn't kiss you back obviously that's time to stop and I apologise for any embarrassment to you both and hope that you can remain friends; but if not, you'll regret it more than if you did.

Ollie is rather like a wonderful dog. Not because he licks your face and pants (unless you're lucky), but because he is excitable, happy, loving, faithful, rolls about on the lawn, and - if you deserve him - will love you deeply.

(Oh.. and that photo? Doesn't do him justice. At all. Ollie that's a terrible photo. Change it.)

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