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Online: 03 October 2017

Modified: 03 October 2017

About him

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
City of London (Ladywell), London, England
Star sign:
6' 0" (183cm)
Body type:
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Hair colour:
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Eye colour:
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Marital status:
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Looking for:
Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage
Have children:
Want children:
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Daily diet:
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Arts / Music / Writing
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Home language:
Other languages:
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In His Own Words

About him

About his ideal match

What His Friends Say

Andrew said...

Macroscincus coctei, sometimes called the Cape Verde Giant Skink is extinct, the Didus Ineptus or more commonly known Dodo is extinct, what isn't extinct but is certainly on the endangered list is the sub group of the Homo Sapien known as the Honesto Decento Blokeo (HDB). It is a known fact that since the mid twentieth century the HDB have been driven from their natural habitats, they can no longer be found on the dance floors of local clubs, in a local bar or as a friend of a friend, they are dying out. They have been replaced by some sad imitations. But you already know that otherwise you wouldn't be on this site and maybe just maybe you have come across one of those endangered HDB specimens.

You see Shane is one of those rare creatures that you have been looking for, an honest, decent, intelligent, witty, dependable man. If he is so good why is he on here? Well I cant answer that one, as a bloke I don't find him particularly attractive, in fact I don't find any men attractive so hopefully he wont take that comment as a crushing blow, maybe it is because he isn't the loudest, brashest show off in the room, maybe its because he is a bit more thoughtful than most, maybe its just because he hasn't found the one he clicks with. I suppose that's for you to decide.

So have I been describing some geek that you wouldn't want to be seen dead with who spent far too long playing with wizards, trolls and other prepubescent fantasy games in a dark room somewhere in deepest suburbia? Not at all. I will admit he isn't likely to be found in the hippest club dancing to the latest street grooves until 3AM but he is sometimes found in pretty cool bars drinking wine, having a good conversation and laughing until 3AM.

I know I haven't really described him, but if you are still reading this you haven't found his photo a complete turn off and if you got past the first paragraph Jade Goody isn't your literary hero so you may well be on to a winner here. Scratch the surface to find the real Shane, do that and I promise you that you will laugh, have fun, have intelligent conversation or maybe just some inane conversation with someone who is one of those rare breed I mentioned earlier, an honest, decent, dependable man.

Hope it goes well and remember what they say.... fools rush in and get the best seats.... no, not that one... oh what was the other one? Got it... fortune favours the brave... so be brave, get in touch.

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