38 – Lewisham, London, England

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Modified: 10 July 2011

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Lewisham, London, England
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5' 4" (163cm)
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In Her Own Words

About her

Awkward silence... well, at the risk of categorising myself I'd say I was: curious, creative and intelligent, with a tendency to be daft and to delight in the ridiculous. Travel, music, words and friendship make me happy; lack of generosity and narrow-mindedness turn me right off. As do men playing computer games in their underpants, but that's by-the-by.

I'm probably not your average lass, and tend to be attracted to guys who aren't either - average, that is. Not lasses. But I'd prefer you not to be a lass ;)

I've travelled quite a bit; no doubt it's had a sizeable impact on who I am and how I relate to the world. I harbour secret desires to up sticks and make a go of it somewhere completely different, only this time I don't want to do it alone (cue violins). Having said that, London's pretty damed cool too!

Here are some things I like (in no particular order): scotch eggs (runny yolked, o'course); singing; wild swimming; smiley eyes; dancing in a field; that amazing tune which I keep playing at full pelt - y'know the one; waking up outside; vintage markets; learning; belly laughs; music; Berlin; bikes; music again; oh, so many things!

And here are some things I'd like if you liked: me; adventures; bicycles; fixing things (my bicycle!); being challenged; discovering (music, people, places, books, all of the things); getting into / out of trouble; playing guitar (and don't mind me singing along); building straw houses; a strong woman; kindness; oh, so many things!

It'd be rather futile to specify exactly the type of man I'd like to meet; everyone brings something positive and different . I'm inspired by people who are passionate - whatever form of interest that may take - who challenge me, are open-minded, witty, confident and can engage in intelligent or nonsense banter in equal measure. I really value things like good old honesty and respect. Oh, and if you happen to have your own style, and a twinkle in your eye, then I'll probably fancy you ;)

Profession: teacher

About her ideal match

What Her Friends Say

Zoe said...

When it comes to Ali, there is so much to write it becomes difficult to believe that one person encompasses so many attributes! A high accolade, but if you are fortunate enough to get a date, then I defy you to disagree.

Ali is one of the smartest people I know - not only intellectually, but in terms of all-round bizarre knowledge which makes for bloody great pub conversations! I lived with Ali for 3 years and during that time, she provided a secure base with sound advice and humorous insight. And don't get me started on crafts (or rather, 'Crafternoon', which she brought into my life!). One particular Hallowe'en, we deftly created a rather marvellous haunted house, made of gingerbread and decorated in a manner which Llewellyn-Bowen would be proud of.

I took Ali to a party recently and within three hours, had friends thanking me for bringing her for (a) giving them advice on travelling to Japan, (b) helping their daughter in her Oxbridge application and finally, (c) providing entertainment in the way of a rude sing-song around her on the guitar!

Not sure whether her photos will do this final fact justice, but Ali is regarded by all who meet her as a style guru for her canniness in putting together a stylish outfit on the most astounding budget! She introduced 'frock Fridays' at work and since, has had the female staff (and some males) totally converted to their love of dress-wearing! What the photos WILL show is how gorgeous she is, so I won't waste time on the prose on that one (but seriously, talk about alluring smiles! : ).

Ok, so not much room left for the extra information on her love of ALL things outdoors; rock-climbing, hiking, camping, general travelling/exploring, (the list continues) so you will need to have some kind of shared interest in this or at least be open to letting her convert you away from the telly!

So there she is. Smart, funny, gorgeous, adventurous... actually, forget it, I'M going to date her!

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