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Online: 16 November 2017

Modified: 16 November 2017

About him

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Star sign:
6' 0" (183cm)
Body type:
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Hair colour:
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Eye colour:
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Marital status:
Never Married
Looking for:
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Have children:
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Daily diet:
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Teaching / Education / Training
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Home language:
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In His Own Words

About him

Profession: Children's nursery manager

About his ideal match

What His Friends Say

Lucy said...

Before I start, I'll just quickly say, Phil is my big brother, which is why I haven't clicked things like 'pretty sexy' in the attributes section above.

The basics: He's 28, tall, blonde, loves squash and swimming and is manager of a children's nursery in Cambs. A job he's very good at.

Some more basics: He's thoughtful, sweet, fiercely ambitious and excited about life and experiences. And -perhaps more relevantly for MSF - he's also wildly romantic and impulsive.

That impulsive nature has seen Phil bugger off to India for a year to teach monks to speak English, it's seen him spend £800 on a ticket for a random football game (I assume it was an important one) in Athens. And - my favourite Phil-story - he once came home from uni without any of his belongings - having given them all to a homeless man at the train station. He's the kind of bloke to walk into a bar, start chatting to everyone, before dancing (terribly) with his new best friends until 6 in the morning. So he's a little bit crazy - but in a really exciting, life-and-soul type way.

Some negatives: He cannot, in any way shape or form, multi task (I'm aware this is not uncommon with men). He sometimes wears very odd shorts. He demands girls have what he calls 'sparkle' - something I have yet to understand (but maybe he'll explain below). He might eat any Toblerones you have lying around. His car is a bit crap - but he loves it.

But these are just part of what makes Phil so awesome. This is a weird thing to say, but I think he'd be a nice boy to go on a date with. Working with about 40 women at the nursery, and with three screamy sisters, Phil knows how to treat girls with understanding and respect.

He's basically the best big brother ever, and you should get in touch to say hello.

PS. He has two awful middle names, ask him what they are.

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