43 – Exeter, Devon, England

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Online: More than 6 months ago

Modified: 09 November 2012

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*Most* of the advice John has given me over the years has paid off,big time, but I've resisted his suggestion about online dating for..ahem...quite a while.

But now feels about right: a lot more time has opened up for me as my childs now flown the nest (yes, I was a young mum), I have a job I'm passionate about in the public sector and after a steep career climb am in a place where I can relax a bit more, and probably need to be nudged to remind me to switch off from time to time. I work away within the UK quite a bit, especially London and enjoy nights with friends in the city, but breath a sigh of relief when I fall into the train home and am not really back until I have seen and smelt the sea. I've spent the last year or so renovating a house here (I am much better at knocking things down than putting them up, so there was a very good builder involved!)...but that project is now nearly finished too.

With summer coming my thoughts are turning to wild swimming & camping, literature festivals (especially Hay) and open air theatre, swish city breaks and spa days with friends, and a much longed for month inter-railing around Scandinavia & Eastern Europe with my teenager (in which the Airbnb treehouses & overnight sleeper carriages might be interspersed with a couple of nice hotels) . It would be great to wrap around all of that some grown up dating!

Profession: senior manager in public sector

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John said...

Right! It's time to put down that cup of tea. This is a profile that deserves a careful read. Let me introduce you to Clare....

Clare's one of a kind in many respects and certainly difficult to sum up. I met her whilst studying a little while ago and know first hand that she's sharp, articulate and more importantly, she could always brighten a debate in a lecture room full of grumpy mature students. Clare knows about Venn diagrams.

Clare's a wild swimmer (wild in the sense of rivers, lakes, seas and oceans - rather than being wild angry). She's a walker, a cyclist, a caver, a paddler (kayaks and seaside varieties) and the list goes on - I'm sure there will be many things I've missed. I should probably also stress she tends to do all these things for the fun of it rather than being a scary health nut. Clare knows how to use petrol powered demolition tools.

You'll have to ask Clare about her job, I don't know much about it. But I do know that she's very successful, has some interesting pub stories, and is well respected in her field (although she's not a farmer). Clare knows about smuggling.

So far, so serious, so I need to add that Clare's great fun to be around socially and is happy out and about in pubs, restaurants, galleries, cinemas and cocktail bars (both glam and grimy). She's a kind of social glue for groups and it would always be Clare organising impromptu social sessions for after lectures. She would then be a magnet for bringing chuckling groups of people together in busy pub situations. Clare would typically be followed around by one or more moon eyed mature male students who should know better.

Clare's a loving and considerate mum, but she also manages to find plenty of time for herself, for her friends and for the odd adventure. Clare bakes cakes, puts them in boxes and posts them half the way around the world.

I think you would be well matched to Clare if you are adventurous, reliable, quick to smile and honest. You'll get all these qualities back

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Exeter, Devon, England
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5' 7" (170cm)
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Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage
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Christian / Other

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