64 – Brighton, East Sussex, England

I’m a book that’s still being written ...

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About her

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Brighton, East Sussex, England
Star sign:
5' 2" (157cm)
Body type:
Hair colour:
Dark Blonde
Eye colour:
Relationship Status:
Looking for:
Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A long-term relationship; Marriage
Have children:
Yes, not living with me
Want children:
Daily diet:
Administrative / Secretarial
Home language:
Other languages:
Spiritual, but not religious

About her ideal match

Country of origin:
Anywhere in the World
Anywhere in the World
Age range:
50 - 100
Star sign:
5' 7" (169cm) - 6' 0" (184cm)
Body type:
Slim; Average; Athletic; Disabled
Hair colour:
Blonde; Dark Blonde; Light Brown; Dark Brown; Auburn; Red; Black; Greying; Grey; White
Eye colour:
Has a photo:
Relationship Status:
Single; Separated; Divorced; Widowed
Have children:
Yes, not living with me; Yes, living with me; Yes, living with me sometimes
Want children:
Daily diet:
Eat healthily; Vegetarian; Vegan; Kosher; Halaal; Hindu diet
Never; Occasionally
Solvent; Enough; Comfortable; Wealthy
Home language:
Other languages:
Spiritual, but not religious
  • Not important at all
  • Slightly important
  • Moderately important
  • Decidedly important
  • Non-negotiable

In Her Own Words

About her

Before I say anything about me, I’m genuinely curious to know (given that this site is about having a friend to vouch for us) why it is that almost every profile I’ve looked at doesn’t have that section filled out???! I’d really be interested to know why not, regardless of whether or not you view me as, or this system deems us to be, ‘a match’!

As to what I can say about myself in this section ...
You ~ anyone ~ should get to know me because, like you & everyone, I'm unique. I have my 'story' to tell, & I am passionately curious about Life, & about how we all inter-connect. I am in awe of our little planet & all the wonders it contains. I am, however, REALLY not comfortable writing about myself like this! It’s one thing exchanging information about each other in a conversation, but quite another to put the spotlight on myself & try to ‘sell me’ to who knows who!
Suffice to say there are many things I enjoy doing ~ art exhibitions, opera, ballet / dance, theatre, cinema (world / independent, rather than Hollywood, although it can have it’s moments!) ~ I love live music, of ALL sorts, & the highlight of my week is singing (alto) in a choir covering early sacred music.
I believe with a passion that exploring all that Life has to offer is the adventure we are here to be experiencing, and it’s my experience that (in the same way ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’) what is more important is that the joy of sharing things is a joy doubled!
For the man who shares such a belief and understands such an experience, I am the most loyal partner anyone could wish for.
Ok ~ enough about me for now! What I’d like to know is who are you?! :)

About her ideal match

Someone with integrity, who is their own person, and who is able to allow their partner to also be their own person. Someone who understands the concepts of honesty, loyalty, trust, and respect, and who both expects those qualities in any other person (particularly and especially someone who is their partner), and who is able manifest them in their own way of being. Someone who loves to laugh, to sing, to dance and who would be willing to give dancing with me a try ~ (although whether or not it's possible to call my arm-waving gyrations 'dancing' is questionable! I have 2left feet, so this is a challenge it would take a brave man to pick up!).
Really, above all else, what I would love is just to be able to share time with someone, either being active together, or just pottering around, each of us doing our own thing in peace and quiet, both of us being able to simply ‘Be’, together.
If any of this makes sense to you ... try contacting me ~ I’d love to hear from you :)
To anyone who has actually read this far ~ I hope you soon find the happiness you’re looking for :)

What Her Friends Say

Jon said...

Francesca is always willing to share her opinion on anything, she has the tact not to put you down if she doesn't like what you like and she shares her joy of things so that you can appreciate them too, now that's a good reason on its own to meet her.
Its unusual to meet someone that genuinely does not take offence at anything you say which means that you can always be honest and that's a good start to a relationship. She's always given me confidence and somehow manages to point out the good things that are easily missed. It takes a special person to do that.
Francesca is always thinking and observing, she needs the stimulus of strong people but is quick to measure when the need for understanding and compassion is necessary. She cares about people and whoever she meets will benefit from her thoughtful nature.
There have been some funny moments and I'm sure she will share those with you and she will make you feel happy that's guaranteed.

Michael said...

"What does this woman mean to me? She means Love. Acceptance. Honesty. Meaningfulness. More than friendship - a Soul Friend. Integrity. She has blown me away with her integrity; I have confided in her all sorts of personal things and I feel totally safe with her, because of her integrity. She has a wicked sense of humour; a broad, witty, 'informed' sense of humour. She can laugh at the crass, she can laugh at slapstick, and she can see the not-so-obvious humour in deep wit. She has a beautiful heart, and she deserves to be with someone who also has a beautiful heart because she is compassionate, joyful, and truly understands the meaning of equanimity. She is gloriously, wholeheartedly vulnerable, and openhearted, and she unapologetically wears her heart-on-her-sleeve. She has a beauty which transcends physicality, and yet she is highly physical, and highly sensitive with a deep understanding of her own human condition as well as the condition of humanity. She is in touch with her entire being - physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, and sexual. She is the Mother of a successful man, and she understands men better than any woman I've ever known. If a man is looking just for sex, they are not the right person for her. If a man is looking to grow, in a mutually nurturing, emotional, physical, sensual, intellectual relationship, and to truly 'be One' with another, and if he is prepared to go the distance to make that the shared reality, then they ought to seriously consider exploring a relationship with her. She is a beautiful person and nothing would make me happier than to see her with someone who would really 'Be' with her, and for her to actually believe for herself all that I've said here."

More about her

Sense of humour:
Ruled by:
The heart
Party behaviour:
An impartial observer
Personality traits:
Adventurous; Cautious; Confident; Easygoing; Faithful; Happy; Independent; Intelligent; Loving; Loyal; Mild; Optimistic; Philosophical; Quiet; Realistic; Sensible; Stable; Thoughtful; Trustworthy
Valued qualities:
Chemistry; Compassion; Faithfulness; Friendliness; Honesty; Hope; Humility; Humour; Kindness; Patience; Self-control; Tolerance
Fashion sense:
Natural (I only wear natural fabrics)
Favourite clothing:
Shorts & a T-shirt
More physical characteristics
Hair style:
Medium; Long; It has its moods
I wear glasses and contacts
I have none
Body art:
Pierced ears
Leisure & entertainment
Date activities:
A movie; A music concert; A picnic in a park; Dinner at a restaurant; Going out dancing; Going to the theatre; Meeting for coffee; Going for a walk; Visiting a gallery; Going to a museum
Music preferences:
Alternative; Blues; Classical; Country & Western; Electronic Dance Music; Folk; Heavy Metal; Instrumental; New Age; Opera; Punk; R&B / Soul; Rap / Hip Hop; Reggae; Rock; Scottish; World
I read books regularly; I read newspapers occasionally; I read magazines occasionally
(Auto)biographies; Fiction; History; Mystery; Non-fiction; Religious; Romance; Sci-Fi; Science / Technology; Travel
TV habits:
I prefer listening to the radio
Movie frequency:
Occasionally or irregularly
Movie preferences:
Adult; Art Films; Cult Classics; Documentary; Drama; Independent; Mystery; Romance; Sci-Fi; Westerns
Auto repair; Board games; Cooking; Healthy living; Knitting; Meditation; Music; Painting; Reading; Singing; The arts; Voluntary work; Writing books
Sport involvement:
Not involved at all
Archery; Backgammon; Birdwatching; Camping; Chess; Cycling; Dance; Walking; Yoga
I really enjoy cooking
Fine Dining; Greek; Indian; Italian; Thai
Go Out to Eat:
I only eat out on special occasions
Dietary Restrictions:
I have none
More lifestyle
Pace of Life:
Time at work:
I'm retired
Time online:
Once or twice a week
Take drugs:
Not any more
Family contact:
I see them when I can
Relationship Type:
I'm just plain single
Willing to Relocate:
I'm unlikely to move
Likes & dislikes
I like animals
Pets (Like):
Bird(s); Cat(s); Dog(s); Fish; Horse(s)
Pets (Dislike):
Exotic pet(s); Reptile(s); Rodent(s)
Dancing; Intelligence; Long hair; Showing affection in public; Skinny dipping
Flirting; Sarcasm; Thrill seeking
The deep stuff
Religious attendance:
Doesn't apply
Dream home:
Eco home in the countryside
Retirement plans:
Living in the country
Feelings about using MySingleFriend: