39 – Hereford, Herefordshire, England

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Modified: 11 June 2014

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Hereford, Herefordshire, England
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5' 5" (165cm)
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Just online friends; Activity partners; Friends; Let's see what happens; A short-term relationship; A long-term relationship; Marriage
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In His Own Words

About him

Well, what's there to say about me. I'd prefer to leave out any BS, and just lay out the truth =)

I'm a very quiet person, I'd actually label myself as introverted without hesitation. I will admit that my tolerance for silliness or stupidity can be put to the test rather easily, that said, I do know how to let my hair down when the time calls for it ^^

I'd consider myself very polite, oh and kind, too much so apparently according to word of mouth, but I refuse to change that sorry; if nice guys must finish last, then so be it. I like to see myself as very unselfish. Doing things for others gives me a such a great high, while sadly I find it very hard to accept things for myself when people extend a hand or a kind word, self esteem issues maybe; it is something that I'm working on though =)

I'm not very ambitious: I like to live well, stay healthy, I'm also extremely tidy, but I really don't want for much in life other than to be happy and make others happy, and material items and excess of money just don't bring that for me.

My hobbies I like to keep to a minimum. I get more satisfaction for going full out on one or two to get the most out of a hobby, opposed to getting little out of a larger variety. I'm not keen on change either, so most things will stay with me, even if they gets routine, for a long time without feeling tired.

I take a great pleasure in reading (mostly crime novels) and playing video games (yes, I know -.-"). My music taste is quite niche, and my taste in films is rather unusual according to many. I love to listen to classical music, and romantic / powerful ballads; I'm very keen on certain Japanese female solo artists as well. For films and TV I get bored very easily with action, usually I will lean more towards the romantic dramas or romantic comedy, or what I guess a lot of people will label as "chick flicks", makes it very hard to share with my male friends so I tend to keep to myself quite a bit in my free time.

I really enjoy eating a

Profession: Managerial

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