52 – Lambeth, London, England

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Online: 30 October 2023

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In His Own Words

About him

I was hoping to meet you in a cafe, catch your eye and make you smile in a way that would make my stomach tighten. But I have been going to the cafe for over 2 years now and you haven't come in once, so it's hardly my fault that we are meeting here instead with our age, height and childbearing preferences tattooed on our foreheads, self-consciously listing the things we like to do at weekends in the hope that they sound interesting.

But here we are. So let me (self-consciously) start. For work I do things like wander into African villages and give children bewildering education tests or take blood samples from them. They typically look confused or scared. Sometimes they cry. But I know deep down they are grateful. When they run away from me, it's their way of saying "look how much energy you have given me. Please come back to my village and help me again, kind man." If you want to join me on some adventures there or plot our own elsewhere, that would be great. But if you want to stay at home and plan movies, music and markets we can explore when I am back, or even just live your own life (but I'd appreciate the odd text when you have a second) then that would be fine too.

Soup is important to me. I can't imagine being with someone who doesn't eat soup.

I'm a little obsessed with watching films at the moment, guided by Kermode and Mayo podcasts. At home I play the piano a lot. If you care to ask me about this I will l tell you that I play sophisticated Jazz music. This isn't untrue, but in reality you are more likely to hear me playing Abba than Herbie Hancock. In lieu of a religion, "Thank you for the Music" is my prayer of gratitude.

Profession: Research Director

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What His Friends Say

Katy said...

I'm really pleased he asked me to write this so I can say the things he wouldn't say about himself. It is not very difficult to write nice things about him because he is a genuine and lovely person, so here goes....

My single friend Matthew is intelligent, kind, funny and generous.

He's very humorous. And while he enjoys jokes and comedies, it is his off the cuff remarks, and gentle observations that make me laugh the most. He has been best man three times, it's a good reflection of the trust, loyalty and friendship he engenders as well as his humour.

He has travelled a lot, for work and for fun, but seems equally happy in any exotic or domestic location and will always find something good or interesting wherever he finds himself.

He is sociable and enjoys eating out, going to see exhibitions, cinema, theatre, spending time with friends. His wide-ranging interests means he'll as happily see a documentary or a blockbuster, a pop concert as much as the proms.

He is also a surprisingly good cook. Surprising, because he doesn't ever mention it, but he can rustle something up from the last leftovers in the house, or plan and cook a fantastic three-course meal.

I' ve known Matthew for 15 years and in all the situations where others would lose their temper, panic or become grouchy and annoyed (stuck, lost, hopelessly late for a flight, tired, fed up, in pain, bitten all over by midges) he stays reasonable and good humoured.

He is a genuine catch, and deserves someone who will keep him on his toes and make him happy.

About him

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Lambeth, London, England
Star sign:
5' 10" (178cm)
Body type:
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Let's see what happens; A long-term relationship; Marriage; Something casual
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