57 – Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England

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Modified: 26 August 2014

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Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England
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5' 4" (163cm)
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About her

I am not someone who needs a partner to feel complete or happy, I have been single four times In my adult life, each time was my choice and I would rather be on my own and fulfilled than in a relationship but lonely.I love being in the company of others and once I know people well I enjoy being entertaining and can tell a good joke or house is currently full of teenagers which I have to be honest is great fun and all of them have me on their Facebook including my own two,as apparently I'm 'cool' ! That's not to say that I don't miss things about being in a close relationship, I do. I miss having personal jokes,I miss having someone to dance with simply because the music is good,I miss having someone to take road trips with, I miss someone to see the ridiculous side of things with,I miss having someone to dig thumbs into my shoulders, I miss having someone to touch as I squeeze past,I miss having someone special just to talk to.
My friends tell me that I am such a strong person but I know that I am affected by negativity and I get very frustrated (with myself) by how other people can affect me this way so I am learning to avoid this type of relationships as it isn't healthy for me.
Recently I made some life changes as my two dreadful children are now old enough not to need my full attention and I am free to put my own needs towards the top of the list. I love my work, I run my own retail business and have just taken on a new shop here in our village and would love a business minded person to talk 'shop' with ( without boring them !) and more importantly someone to say, ' bugger it, lets have a day out'.
I enjoy spur of the moment events and can usualy adapt plans to fit. I don't do envy,jealousy and suspicion and expect the same in return. I do struggle to say what I do and don't want emotionally now, this is some of my baggage, so need support in learning to address this.
Don't be put off by my age, I'm still only 17 and don't plan to change that ! Xxxxx Jo

Profession: Retail/wholesale childrens clothing

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What Her Friends Say

Rhiannon said...

Being my mother, I suppose that this will be slightly biased! Jo spends her time thinking of other people before herself, and for the last 6 years has been busy starting and running her own businesses, so this has meant that she has left her social life on the back burner!
Jo is an incredibly strong minded woman, and when she wants something, she will work unbelievably hard to get it, hence she has managed to run her business single handedly for so long!!
However, she loves to spend the time that she allows herself (!) either with her friends, or spending time on the yard with the horses. (She's not a mad horsey woman though!!) Jo loves to watch live bands and get up and dance, and is NOT afraid to embarrass me! Jo also enjoys renervations and is not afraid of a bit of DIY....and she owns her own Dewalt drill and kit!!
I think that it is very much overdue for Jo to get back out there, and find the right man, as she has spent so long focussing on myself, my brother, and everyone else around her, that she seems to have forgotten herself!!

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